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DIO held ‘DIO Partners’ Online Meeting’

Korea 23 June, 2020

Committed to overcoming COVID-19 with a new era and new strategy.
DIO Corporation (CEO Kim Jinbaek), a global leader in digital dentistry, successfully held the first “DIO Partners' Online Meeting” on the 10th of June.

The 'DIO Partners' Online Meeting' was held for the first time as an online meeting in order to overcome the COVID-19 and seek countermeasures in the midst of growing worries in various parts of the world. 'New Era, New Strategy; WIN TOGETHER', was the theme of the meeting, where Portugal, Spain, Italy Hungary, as well as Iran, Indonesia, the Philippines, and Uzbekistan, Russia, among others joined to discuss visions and opportunities.

The agenda of the meeting was diverse and lively, starting off with a word from DIO’s Chairman, Kim Jincheol, where he made remarks that sparked ideas for a “A New Era and a New Strategy,” followed by a presentation by DIO Global Sales Team Manager, where he explained DIO’s vision for the next 5 years, especially emphasizing the opportunity for business with the DIO Digital Full Arch solution. The meeting also held presentations by leading partners who shared their success stories and held open discussions about strategies to increase business growth.

“It was a unique solution because each city and country has a different location and perspective,” said Kim Taeyoung, managing director of DIO's Overseas Business Division. "I hope that the situation of COVID-19 will continue for a long time and overcome the crisis together without losing courage during difficult times due to shrinking sales."

Meanwhile, 'DIO Partners' Online Meeting' will continue to be held as an online meeting once a month to continue to share business models for success and to share stories and ideas between DIO and its partners worldwide.
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