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Seamless workflow, the digital solution presented by DIO

Korea 14 Sep, 2020

PROBO completes the digital workflow
Raising the level of digital treatment to the next level with the development of advanced new materials
For successful implant placement, DIO (CEO Mr. Jin-baek Kim), a leading company in the digital dentistry, has taken the lead in popularizing computer-guided Surgery with the launch of DIOnavi in 2014. The first step to minimizing the concerns about the prosthesis was the launch of DIOnavi, which boasted high placement accuracy under the background of accurate implant placement.
In addition, DIOnavi has developed into a universal guide system that can be used for various indications based on the accumulated clinical data and technology. DIO is constantly working on the development of guide systems.
The transparent guide caught both surgical safety and usability This year, DIO launched 'DIOnavi-SG02', a surgical guide material that has high transparency. In July, 'DIOnavi-SG02' acquired a domestic license, and it was evaluated that it had secured the core technology of the high-tech industry.
'DIOnavi-SG02', the 3D printer's, advanced new material, has special advantages over superior transparency than the conventional materials. It is easy to ensure the visibility of the surgeon during the implant procedure, and it shows excellent transparency that allows you to see the fully seated sleeve directly with the naked eye. In addition, the bending strength of more than 80MPa, high elasticity, and toughness minimize the break-ability of the guide, further improving usability.
Completion of digital workflow, DIO PROBO Due to various developments of the 3D printed materials in recent years, the problem with the prosthesis has now reached the level of considering 3D printers.
DIO PROBO can quickly and precisely output high-quality prostheses by projecting and stacking high-resolution Full HD DLP (Digital Light Projector) projectors. The transparent guide material 'DIOnavi-SG02' is also printed out by the 3D printer DIO PROBO. The SLA method takes as short as 90 to as much as 140 minutes to output one guide, while PROBO has a very fast output speed with only 30 minutes of output time. Even if you print multiple guides at the same time the output time is the same Above all, it is most important that we can shorten the patient visiting time during a difficult time like this in the midst of corona.
DIO PROBO is expected to further enhance the level of digital dentistry because it is possible to create a variety of prostheses during treatment in a digital workflow rather than traditional milling or analog methods.
3D Printing Material Steps up the Digital dental care DIO PROBO is capable of printing a variety of photographic materials optimized for digital dental care as well as a surgical guide. To maximize the effectiveness and convenience of digital dentistry, 5 3D printing material lineup △Surgical Guide, △Temporary Crown, △Dental Model, △Castable Resin, and△Denture were built, in which DIO was the only company in Korea that did this, and this enabled the production of a patient customized prosthesis in the clinic. In addition, the material output time shortened drastically, improving productivity to enhance the completeness of digital dentistry. It takes 30 minutes to print the surgical guide, 15 minutes for the temporary crown, 35 minutes for the dental model, 20 minutes for the caster resin, and 40 to 90 minutes to produce the digital prosthesis,
DIO has the root technology of the permanent prosthesis material evaluated as a core material in the 3D printing prosthetic treatment area and is expected to change the paradigm of the dental 3D printing market.
"DIO has succeeded in developing advanced new materials through continuous research, starting with DIOnavi, and further enhanced the completeness of digital dentistry," said Mr. Lee Yong-young, head of DIO's marketing team.
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