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DIO's Online Seminar, having a blast in the second half of the year

Korea 21 Sep, 2020

Popular to worldwide audiences with various speakers and topics for digital dentistry
The domestic and international response is hot for the "DIO Online Seminar", curated by DIO (CEO Kim Jin-baek), a leading digital dentistry company.
First, starting with the clinical application of UV Implant by Dr. Son Hyun-lak (Newton Dental Hospital), the event featured a variety of topics every week such as △Immediate Placement after All-on-X Surgery by Director Lee Jae-doo(Welcome Laboratory), and △Modern Implantology : Current Trends, technologies and workflows, by Dr.Paulo Carvalho.
In particular, Prof. Byungho Choi (Wonju Yonsei Severance Hospital) unveiled the series of "A to Z Full Arch Surgery", and received a great response from viewers by covering solutions for edentulous patients, from the basic concept of edentulous surgery to the actual surgical video. This seminar is more diverse than the first half of this year, and the clinical know-how of the performers is generously disclosed.
The lectures by speakers from around the world, including domestic speakers, as well as speakers from the United States and Portugal, are also going to continue by the end of this year, and popularity is expected to last.
"Just like the first half of the year, we are getting good responses from the users with a variety of curriculum in the second half also" said Mr. Lee Yong-young, head of DIO's marketing team. and added that "We are going to do our best to keep that popularity through the participation of foreign speakers and key doctors."
Meanwhile, the DIO online seminar will be broadcasted every Monday morning for the international viewers. Even if you miss the live broadcast, it can be viewed again at any time via DIO's official YouTube channel (www.youtube.com/DIOHQ).
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