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DIO’s online advertisement “The Joys of Taste” series, unstoppable box office run

Korea 05 Jan, 2021

The momentum continues with the full release of the 'Galbitang' episode, healthy food for winter
DIO (CEO Jinbaek Kim) unveiled another episode of the online advertising campaign, ‘The Joys of Taste’ series.

Last year, DIO planned the first online advertising series on the theme of the importance of healthy teeth. Starting with the ‘Steak’ episode, the ‘Radish Kimchi’ and ‘Bibimbap’ episodes were released sequentially, and it was evaluated as a breakthrough advertisement that was first attempted in the implant industry, realizing the hot popularity enough to reach a cumulative view of 1 million views.

In the “Steak” episode, the original message, “The joys of chewing,” was well drawn with ASMR that stimulates the visual and salivary glands of the steak. In the ‘Radish Kimchi’ episode, it succeeded in delivering the crunchy texture of Radish Kimchi realistically. In addition, in the “Bibimbap” episode, the “B-roll” filming technique was used for the first time, and it showed the process of preparing the bibimbap ingredients, making it impossible for the viewers' to take their eyes off.

'The Joys of Taste’ series, which has released three consecutive films, has featured Galbitang as the main character in the latest episode. The 'Galbitang' episode emphasized the importance of teeth, showing the joy of eating Galbi with warm soup, which goes well with the cold weather.

Mr. Yong-young Lee, team leader of the DIO’s marketing team, who planned the advertisement, said, “The reason we were able to successfully launch the episode was that we put a lot of thought into how to deliver the message to our customers through the advertisement.” And added that “This year we are going to try our best to create good quality advertisements so that the customers can get understand our special intentions from it.

‘The Joys of Taste’ series can be seen on DIO’s official YouTube channel(https://www.youtube.com/user/DIOhq)
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