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DIO won the 2020 ‘Employee Stock Ownership Award’

Korea 23 Dec, 2020

Increasing the value of both the company and employees by utilizing the exemplary stock ownership system
On the 18th, DIO (CEO, Mr. Jin-Baek Kim), was awarded the “Employee Stock Ownership Award” of this year by the Ministry of Employment and Labor.

DIO’s ‘Employee Stock Ownership’ was highly praised for its exemplary operation, as the system inspired the member’s ownership mindset and greatly developed labor-management relations, and this was shown in the member’s stock ownership rate that exceeded 90%.. In particular, the first employee stock ownership system was introduced in 2015 to improve the welfare of employees and to induce loyalty through income compensation, providing an opportunity for continued growth. This soon led to the improvement of productivity and the development of labor-management relations, and it was found to have the effect of further increasing the value of the company by facilitating recruitment of talented individuals.

As a result, the current employee stock ownership system has been fully established, and the use of the system is expected to increase further as interest grew not only for employees who are working, but also for the new employees.

Mr. Jin-Baek Kim(CEO of DIO) said, “We are doing our best to ensure that our employees are faithful to the company's business on a stable economic basis through the activation of the employee stock ownership system.”, and added that “In addition to the retirement funds, We will build an institutional foundation to guarantee the retirement life with the employee stock ownership system.”

Meanwhile, the “Employee Stock Ownership Award” is a system that actively discovers and awards excellent companies that operate the employee stock ownership system, hosted by the Ministry of Employment and Labor, and has awarded annually since 2006 to suggest new corporate welfare and labor-management cooperation models.
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