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DIO celebrates its 33rd Foundation Anniversary

Korea 02 Feb, 2021

Commitment to create innovative results
DIO (CEO Jinbaek Kim), held the 33rd Foundation anniversary at Centum, Busan on the 1st of February and pledged for future innovation and growth.

The founding anniversary actively followed the social distancing policy by limiting the number of attendees, and the non-attended employees joined the untact event online.

Through the event, Chairman Jincheol Kim delivered a message of appreciation and a request for employees' hard work. In his commemorative speech, Chairman Kim said, “Because more than 800 all domestic and foreign executives and employees understood the aspirations and policies of the management and worked hard in their respective positions, the company has been able to continue to develop to this day. We have reached a position where we can go a step further with the possession of a world-class technology due to the employee’s hard work”

He added, “I hope that we will never miss this opportunity, and we hope that everyone will move quickly and not just follow the changes in the market, but take the lead with a sense of responsibility and mission.”

Meanwhile, DIO plans to continue its reputation as a leading digital dentistry company in the global market by developing ECO Projects and building an online seminar platform to innovate new technologies and education.
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