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DIO launched a new Product: UFⅡ Surgical KIT

Korea 16 Feb, 2020

Dedicated Drill Stopper for easier implantation
DIO (CEO Jinbaek Kim) launched a new "UF II Surgical KIT" on the 8th of February.

"UF II Surgical KIT" is a kit that consists of drills with outstanding durability and cutting power, and it is attracting much attention from clinicians as it focuses significantly on improving existing Surgical kits and increasing the convenience of the clinicians.

The method that relied on black laser marking for depth control during drilling in the past was upgraded to an exclusive drill stopper concept to improve the stability by drilling to the desired depth with the drill stopper attached. Thanks to drill stopper, the kit configuration has become simplified and convenient for implant surgery.

With the addition of the ‘Short drill’, the placement range has been expanded so that now a 5.5mm short implant can be placed. Additionally, it is expected that the number of drilling is reduced by more than two times to simplify the procedure, and the durability of the product is also higher than before, thereby increasing the satisfaction of the clinicians.

Director of DIO’s Marketing Team Mr. Yong-young Lee said, "DIO is continuously focusing on improving existing products and developing new products to maximize implant success rate starting with 'UF II Surgical KIT'” and emphasized that, "We will provide optimal implant solutions that will innovate digital dentistry in the future."
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