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DIO solves digital treatment concerns of medical practitioners at DENTEX 2022

Korea 11 Jan, 2022

Promise to move forward together as a reliable digital partner
On the 9th, DIO showed off the power of digital partners of medical practitioners at DENTEX 2022 held at COEX, Seoul.
DIO attracted the attention of visitors by revealing strategies and know-how for a successful opening at DENTEX 2022. In particular, a separate consulting space was provided for consulting in each specialized field such as location selection, tax/labor, loan, marketing, and interior design, and more than 100 inquiries were received.
In addition, digital implant system (DIOnavi.), digital edentulous implant system (DIOnavi. Full Arch), UV implant system (UV Activator2), digital prosthetic treatment system (DIO Ecosystem), etc. The solution line-up was also introduced and caught the attention of the visitors.
In addition, the exhibition successfully ended by providing various benefits such as free invitations to the 2022 DIO Opening Seminar, interior gift certificates, and Starbucks gift cards for visitors to the booth.
Yong-young Lee, head of DIO's PR team, said, "I have learned once again that there is a high level of interest in digital treatment by constantly communicating with the directors who are preparing for the opening of the dental clinic." We will move forward together as a reliable digital partner.”
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