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Korea 26 Jan, 2022

Clinicians praise DIO’s New Dr. SOS+ Kit featuring universal driver for for all types implant failure
DIO's "New Dr. SOS+ Kit," which was released in November last year, has been praised as the most useful kit, drawing favorable reviews from clinicians.
Recently, as difficult situations continue to occur during implant surgeries, the need for tools for implant management has emerged. In the meantime, DIO quickly grasped the needs of the market and created a completely novel kit that was nonexistent in this world until now. The New Dr. SOS+ Kit is a kit that can be used when an implant problem occurs, and simplifies the number of components for better usability and add new features.
The New Dr. SOS+ kit is special because it not only removes fixtures, but also can be used for various other cases such as abutment fracture, screw fracture, healing abutment wear, and 1.2 hex crushing with one kit.
The components include: △Universal Driver △Screw Guide △Screw Remove Bar △Reverse Cutting Drill △Screw Remove Tip △Screw Holder △Square Wrench. It helps to solve various problems such as wear and tear safely and quickly, and increases the satisfaction of the clinician.
With one driver, it's easy!
The reason the New Dr. SOS+ Kit is special lies in the 'Universal Driver'. The greatest feature of the universal driver is that it can easily solve various types of implant failure with just one driver. With a single universal driver, it can be easily remove not only in case of adjacent bone loss, but also in cases where it is difficult to remove, such as partial fracture, complete fracture, or damage to the internal structure of the fixture, improving the work efficiency. In addition, it can be used not only for fixtures, but also for fractured abutments, healing abutments, and cover screw hex wear, so it has recently been spotlighted in clinical practice due to its high utility.
Above all, its simple and easy usability is also a great advantage of universal driver. Any type of implant failure can be easily removed by simply turning it in reverse after fastening. And fixture removal protocol is also intuitive, it shows simple but reliable performance. If the fixture needs to be removed, the problem can be easily solved by fastening the universal screwdriver, rotating it in reverse, and then re-inserting the implant without bone grafting.
In addition, there is little bone loss when removed, it is compatible with third-party implants, and it can be used regardless of implant type, which is one of the reasons many clinicians love about the new kit.
Easily solve various cases.
Other components included in the New Dr. SOS+ kit add to excellent effectiveness in solving emergencies. The screw holder used when the screw is broken and remains in the fixture, the screw removal tip that can be easily removed by reverse rotation when the 1.2 hex of the abutment screw is worn, the square wrench that easily separates from the driver after fixing to the removed fixture, etc. Each tool has excellent functionality and can easily solve various cases.
Above all, since there are various screw removal protocols for screw removal, it has proven to be a perfect solution that minimizes failure.
Yong-young Lee, head of DIO's PR team, said, “New Dr. SOS+ Kit is a product that enables quick action in emergency situations, and has been receiving positive reviews from users. In the future, we will continue to research and develop for high-quality medical treatment, focusing on the convenience of clinicians.”  
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