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SMARTnavi. is open for service

Korea 2 Mar, 2022

You can now digitally check your surgical protocol in advance.
Remember DIOnavi. for your Digital Implant!
DIO opened "Preview DIOnavi.” SMARTnavi. Service on the 2nd March
SMARTnavi. is a digital total platform for quick and convenient use of digital solutions provided by DIO, and is a service that helps you perform accurate procedures by checking from preparation to process of surgery through simulation before DIOnavi treatment.
Above all, the biggest feature of SMARTnavi. is that it is possible to check in advance the drilling order of the surgical case and how to use each tool, as well as the types and precautions of the drill through simulation. In particular, it is evaluated that the accuracy and convenience of the procedure have been further improved by calculating overlapping drilling protocols when multiple implants are placed to provide optimized drill progress without unnecessary drill replacement processes.
In addition, the intuitive and simple UI design, visualized information and voice support functions are expected to be of great help not only to clinicians who have used DIOnavi., but also to new dentists.
Yong-young Lee, head of DIO's PR team, said, “SMARTnavi. is a platform that can complete digital dentistry.” and he said "We will continue to focus on developing to provide a more convenient digital treatment environment for clinicians in the future."
Meanwhile, dentists using DIOnavi. can simply use the SMARTnavi. service through the DIOnavi. ordering site without installing any special software.
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