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UV Implant System, Unrivaled Presence

Korea 25 Feb, 2022

Proving excellence with various clinical data
DIO's UV Activator2, which attracted great attention upon its launch in 2019, has been steadily loved and is leading the popularization of the UV implant system. Similar systems have recently been released one after another, but UV Activator2 is being chosen by clinicians for its unrivaled presence and proven system.
UV Activator2 uses a 360º cylindrical UV light to irradiate UV for 20 seconds. In particular, the patented ampoule for UV treatment was applied, and the hydrophilic effect was maximized through thorough light irradiation on the fixture surface. The dedicated ampoule is a double-layer Packaging sterilization system that not only prevents contamination from contaminants exposed to the air, but also solves both ease of use and stability because it irradiates UV without opening the ampoule.
In addition, DIO created a new treatment protocol by combining the UV implant system with DIOnavi. UV Implant system and DIOnavi. were used at the same time to accurately establish and fix implants quickly. This soon shortened the entire treatment period until the final prosthesis, further enhancing the satisfaction of both clinicians and patients.
Above all, the UV implant system has been differentiated by accumulating numerous clinical data for many years by continuously using it in various clinical cases since its launch. In 2019, it held a seminar on the theme of UV and proved its clinical excellence in various themes. In addition, at the US symposium held last year, Prof. Ogawa(UCLA School of Dentistry), a master of UV implant surface treatment, introduced the importance of osseointegration and DIO's UV implant system, thereby promoting its excellence worldwide.
Yong-young Lee, head of DIO's PR team, said, “The UV implant system has proven its effectiveness for a long time and is a system that is incomparable to other similar systems.“ and he said “In the future, we will spread hybrid treatment protocols combined with DIOnavi. to the world to create a more comfortable digital treatment environment.”
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