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DIO holds the 34th annual shareholder meeting

Korea 29 Mar, 2022

Vertically integrated digital solutions demonstrate technological strength
Commitment to continue the reputation as the global company leading innovation
On March 29th DIO held the 34th annual shareholder meeting (hereinafter called the General Meeting) at its Centum headquarter in Busan.
At the general meeting, the chairman Jin-cheol Kim, CEO Jin-baek Kim, and a group of shareholders were present and approved the agendas in the order of reports on △ auditing △ sales △ status of operation of the internal accounting system management △ approval of the financial statements △ change of articles of association △appointment of directors △ approval of the upper limit of remunerations for the directors △ approval of the upper limit of remunerations for the auditors.
The general meeting thoroughly followed the quarantine guidelines set by the health authorities such as limiting the number of attendees, checking temperature, providing hand sanitizers, wearing masks, and keeping distance to prevent the spread of COVID-19.
CEO Kim Jin-baek of DIO said in a greeting, "We have continued to grow steadily, achieving the highest performance last year based on systematic strategies and excellent technology," and he said “Total digital solution that digitally connects and converges all dental treatment processes by completing the development, it was recognized as the world’s best competitiveness in the digital field.”
In addition, “Last year, we signed a strategic cooperation contract with China’s largest dental equipment company, newly opened the Costa Mesa office in the United States, and secured various sales networks to dominate the premium market in the United States, driving growth in our performance.” He emphasized ““We will continue our reputation as a global leading company on innovation with the goal of perfecting the future digital dentistry technologies.”
Meanwhile, DIO plans to accelerate its entry into the European market by completing the establishment of overseas offices in Italy and Russia.
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