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  • How to keep Dry Type
  • Time of irradiation 10 minutes prior to implantation
  • Irradiation time10 minutes
  • Capability5 Fixtures
  • Size440 x 230 x 150 mm

Electronic devices that have received electrical safety certification for removal
of organic matter and surface modification of implant (Safety confirmation number: YB07015-18001)

Biologic Aging
SLA surface-treated implants are
advantageous for promoting osteocyte
formation by forming a uniform
TiO2 (oxidation) layer
However, biologic aging which
interferes with osseointegration due to
contamination by organic substances
such as hydrocarbons in the air
occurs over time
UV Photofunctional
Organic removal of implant surface
by photocatalytic action
and active protein reaction
The change of implant surface
charge (- charge from to + charge) leads to fast
osseointegration and active protein reaction,
Increased surface oxygen concentration and
chemical reaction to maintain uperhydrophilic
property and increase blood wettability