All New Digital Orthodontics, DIO Ortho navi. from DIO

DIO Ortho navi. provides 100% custom made and personalized bracket for each patient based on precise 3D digital impression with DIO’s latest intraoral scanner.
DIO Ortho navi. provides safe and reliable orthodontic treatment solution for each specific case with assurance of professional orthodontists.

DIO Ortho navi. uses orthodontic Ni-Ti wire techniques with DIO’s patented Positioning Template, developed based on over
10,000 clinical database while making surgical guides, that enables to locate optimum bracket positions for individual tooth.
DIO’s patented Indirect Bonding Jig technique makes it easier and faster to achieve ideal bracket position.

The world’s first Double Wire Bracket by DIO, personalized and designed for each patient, uses two Ni-Ti wires to create
optimum orthodontic forces to teeth to ensure ideal conditions for comfortable and fast tooth movement.
DIO Ortho navi. also provides personalized clear brace for each patient to wear after treatment.
  • World's First 3D Printed Bracket The world’s first Double Wire Bracket by DIO uses double Ni-Ti wires to create optimum orthodontic forces to teeth to ensure ideal conditions for comfortable and fast tooth movement and also allows orthodontist to reduce treatment time compared to conventional orthodontics.
  • Precise 3D digital calibration diagnostics DIO Ortho navi. offers high quality orthodontic solutions using the latest digital technology and guarantees easy, safe, precise and reliable orthodontic treatment for both orthodontists and patients.
  • 100% Customized Lingual Bracket DIO Ortho navi. uses 100% custom made lingual bracket placed behind teeth providing a great cosmetic alternative and reduces treatment time for bracket positioning thanks to the patented Jig system.

Benefits of DIO Ortho navi.

DIO Ortho navi Buccal Tube Orthodontics Custom Lingual Orthodontics
Bracket Type Custom Made Conventional Preadjusted Custom Made
Bonding Method Easy and Precise Professional Placement Required Precise But Requires Experience
Teeth Movement Very Fast Relatively Fast Relatively Slow
Fine Adjustment Very Precise Not Possible Relatively Precise
Wire Bending Not Required Required Depending on case
Brace Included Not Included Not Included
Cost Affordable Relatively Affordable Expensive

The process is hidden and the results are clear!

Clinical Case Individual customized calibrator helps to more precisely move the crooked teeth and ensure the results of the orthodontic treatment are same as a result of the simulation.
Process Now the orthodontic treatment process is invisible, and the result is surely in 3D simulation in advance! Minimizes inconvenience of the patient and enables quick and precise tooth movement

Anyone - easy, simple!

Selected by cover story of
Worldwide Journal of Orthodontics JCO 2017 July issue

DIO Ortho navi got world attention with '3D Printed Lingual Brackets' selected by cover story selection of International Journal of Orthodontics JCO 2017 July issue

The Journal of Clinical Orthodontics (JCO) is the world's largest influential and authoritative Journal of Clinical Orthodontics in the United States for the 51st year.

Co-Developer Director,
Dr. Gisun Bae

Based on digital technology, I was involved in research with a focus on suggesting ways to easily access orthodontic treatment. We will continue to study advanced digital technology to provide high-quality calibration solutions in dentistry with precise 3D diagnostics.