20 Miraculous Seconds!

Hydrophilic Test (Kyungpook National University)
Before UV Activation
Liquids form drops,
fail to penetrate threads
After UV irradiation
Liquids are drawn to surfaces
and don’t form drops!
UV activation methodology comparison
Division Wet Dry
UV-A wavelength UV-C wavelength
Method Irradiation
Immersion and
the production
UV activation
before use
UV activation
before use
Over 20 hours Only
20 seconds
20초의 기적!
20초만에 티타늄 표면 개질 (소수성 → 친수성)
개질[改質, Reforming]: 촉매의 작용에 의하여 탄화수소의 구조를 변화시켜 표면을 개선시킴
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