DIO, highest praise for
the ceaseless innovations

New Digital dentistry in a completely different dimension
Same but not the same ; DIO Digital Workflow

Yeongnam International Scientific Congress & Dental Exhibition
November 9-10, 2019 in BUSAN, KOREA


DIO, highest praise for
the ceaseless innovations

‘YESDEX 2019’, an international academic symposium and international equipment and material exhibition growing
with all the dental personnel in the world, was held successfully from November 9 to 10 at BEXCO exhibition center in Busan.

‘YESDEX 2019’, celebrating its 8th anniversary this year, provided exhibition of extensive new items and services with participation of 531 booths by 116 companies along with more than 10,000 dentists and people from dental industry from 10 countries visiting the event.

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DIO, highest praise for
the ceaseless innovations

DIO introduced a new digital dentistry lineup in a completely different dimension during the exhibition.

In particular, DIO exhibited extensive range of products including ‘UV Activator2’, which opened the door for the era of surface processing concept that was created through the evolution of innovations, as well as the digital implant ‘DIOnavi.’ and the most advanced ‘Full Digital Solutions’, which is sure to present new paradigm in the digital dentistry, thereby winning the highest praise from all the participants and visitors.

DIO, leading the global digital dentistry market with its definitive presence, has clearly demonstrated its R&D innovation once again.

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Opening the door to
the era of digital 3D printing prosthesis

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DIO introduced the ‘Final Prosthesis’ composite material for 3D printing for the first time in Korea.
3D printed ‘Final Prosthesis’ material of DIO with the aim of completing the licensing procedures in Korea by April next year is a biocompatible composite material for 3D printing that has achieved characteristics closest to those of the natural teeth from all the aesthetic, functional and structural perspectives. It is expected to become the important key to opening the door to the era of digital 3D printed prosthesis in earnest, thereby resulting in ceaseless inquiries from the visitors and participants.

We look forward to seeing you again
at YESDEX in 2020.
We are leading the Digital Dentistry in a completely new dimension.
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