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Grow your practice
with the world’s only fully guided implant system
and the most competitive workflows.
How to transform your implant practice to the next level
and receive phenomenal results.

  • Apr.~Jun. 2020


Dear Valued Doctors,
Hope you and all your family members are doing well in this critical period. DIO is taking proactive measures to ensure your time is spent towards valuable subject for future success. We would like to offer you the webinar-based education and training CE course where you can continue to invest your valuable time for learning the most competitive and latest implant technology. This will bring you to the next level of which are needed more than ever for you to drive the practice growth after we all pass through this challenging period.

Course Details

Webinar Course.

Business, Technology and Clinical value proposition of DIOnavi.
(Fully guided, 100% modeless and minimally invasive Implant solution)
Patient consultation and treatment using the Digital workflow, and methods to improve management.
Guidance for the Self-Hands-on Program



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郑东根 世界路口腔
(Dr. Dongkeun Chung)

Date Language Local Time(UTC+9) Title Speaker Broadcast
01 Apr.(Wed) CN/KR 20:00 Digital Implant Surgery and Prosthesis (Immediate Loading) Dr. Dongkeun Chung View
08 Apr.(Wed) EN 18:00 Analog vs Digital in Modern Implantology Dr. Paulo Carvalho View
09 Apr.(Thu) CN/KR 20:00 Clinical Applications of Digital Technology
(Implant, Prosthesis and Orthodontics, etc)
Dr. Doeun Dong View
14 Apr.(Tue) CN 20:00 Flapless Implant Surgery (General Cases) Dr. Zeng Quan View
14 Apr.(Tue) EN 18:00 Digitalization of implant occlusion Prof. Prafulla Thumati View
16 Apr.(Thu) EN 18:00 Sinus lift complications : a personal communication Dr. Pedro Moura View
19 Apr.(Sun) EN 20:00 DDA(DIO Digital Academy) Education & Training CE Course Dr. Eugene Kim View
21 Apr.(Tue) EN 18:00 Why UV IMPLANT? Dr. Hyunlak Son View
21 Apr.(Tue) CN/KR 20:00 Anterior Esthetic Implant Surgery
(Implant combined with Digital Smile Design, etc.)
Dr. Junhyouk Shin View
23 Apr.(Thu) EN 18:00 Stress Distribution Around Implants with different Materials and Thread Designs Dr. Faaiz Al Hamdani View
28 Apr.(Tue) EN 18:00 The benefits of UV Activation Dr. PK Clark & Dr. Riley Clark View
28 Apr.(Tue) CN/KR 20:00 Surgery for difficult Cases
(Sinus Lift; Lateral Sinus theory and Crestal Sinus theory combined)
Dr. Jaeseok Kang View
05 May.(Tue) CN 20:00 Immediate Loading vs Delayed Loading vs Socket Preservation
(Combined with guide surgery)
Prof. Liu Fu Xiang View
07 May.(Thu) EN 18:00 Digital Ecosystem in Implantology Dr.Sankalp Mittal View
12 May.(Tue) EN 18:00 Digital Prosthetics : A Revolutionary Innovation Dr. Doeun Dong View
14 May.(Thu) CN 20:00 Surgical Guide Surgery for difficult Cases
(Bone Grafting Case, GBR and Theory)
Dr. Zeng Si Ming View
14 May.(Thu) EN 18:00 Limits and Indications of Lateral Sinus Lift Dr. Stefano Sartori View
19 May.(Tue) EN 18:00 Sinus Lift Planning, Panoramic X-Ray or CBCT Dr. Bernard Tóth View
19 May.(Tue) CN/KR 20:00 Rebuilding Soft Tissue for Implant Surgery
(Soft Tissue Transplantation)
Dr. Kangduck Choi View
21 May.(Thu) EN 18:00 Sinus Lift in Digital Dentistry Dr. Ryan Chou View
26 May.(Tue) EN 18:00 How to overcome the sinus with DIOnavi guided implant solution Dr. Jaeseok Kang View
26 May.(Tue) CN/KR 20:00 Difficult Surgical Guide Surgery
(Partially Edentulous Cases, full Denture, Anchored Prosthesis)
Prof. Jungbo Huh View
28 May.(Thu) EN 18:00 Digital Full Arch Prof. Byungho Choi View
02 June.(Tue) CN/KR 20:00 Edentulous Solution of DIO Prof. Byungho Choi View
09 June.(Tue) CN 20:00 Solving Complications after the Surgery
(Flap and Flapless Surgery combined)
Dr. Yao Sen View
16 June.(Tue) CN/KR 20:00 Post Op managing after Implant Surgery Prof. Seungmi Jeong View
23 June.(Tue) CN 20:00 Implant Prosthesis and Occlusion Theory Prof. Shi Bin View
30 June.(Tue) CN/KR 20:00 Role of Digital Technology in the Dental Clinic
(Consultation and Clinic Management by Segyero Dental Hospital Staff)
Sales Rep. Yumi Lee View