The Success Story of Digital Implant ‘DIOnavi.’ Continues
  • STORY 01 DIOnavi. Surgical Kit is especially convenient for users.
  • STORY 02 DIOnavi. Surgical Kit, the First Step to Highest Precision is the Drill Tube
  • STORY 03 DIOnavi. Surgical Kit, the first full package surgical kit

DIOnavi. Surgical Kit is
the Key of an Unparalleled System

Digital implant ‘DIOnavi.’ is gaining unstoppable momentum in the global market.
‘DIOnavi.’, officially launched in 2014 and has since surpassed 300,000 digitally guided implant placements as of last year, and achieved a record-level growth rate of use in the US and Chinese markets.
Moreover, despite the COVID-19 crisis this year, the growth in the use of ‘DIOnavi.’ is even more profound, as we get closer to the 400,000 mark of digitally guided implant placement.

The astounding popularity of 'DIOnavi.’ can be attributed to its mind-blowing innovation in digital implantology. The seamless accuracy and success-rate of its treatments, as well as the broad indications for clinical application made possible by the innovations in the ‘DIOnavi. Surgical Kit’ makes 'DIOnavi.’ An incredibly attractive choice for clinicians, and a life-changing treatment for their patients.


DIOnavi. Surgical KIT is
especially convenient for users.

DIOnavi. 'Surgical Kit' is most faithful to the basics of digital implant dentistry, but is also revolutionary in its innovative functions.
It is equipped with a functional drill and tool at the same time, which doubles convenience and efficiency. The surgical drill is designed so that it fits the straight type fixture standard, which helps to control the depth and diameter of the osteotomy when drilling. In addition, the drill tube that holds the shaking of the initial drill is minimal in size, so that handling is convenient at any position in the patient's mouth.

In addition, the bone flattening drill is designed to prevent the sliding of the drill by flattening the irregular surface of the alveolar ridge to further improve the accuracy of implant surgery. In particular, surgical tools such as the Anchor Pin, Anchor Screw, Guide Fix Pin, etc. are very useful because they effectively prevent movement of the surgical guide even in complex and difficult cases with such as completely edentulous case or immediate implantation after extraction case.

[ Fix Edentulous Case with Guide Fix & Fix Pin]

Drill Tube


DIOnavi. Surgical KIT,
the First Step to Highest Precision is the Drill Tube

The accuracy of implant placement is determined by the first drill. DIOnavi. Surgical Kit is equipped with the drill tube system, unique to DIOnavi. that plays a crucial role for the highest precision of the first drill.
The drill tube maximizes contact area with the drill, which helps to firmly hold the horizontal path when drilling. In particular, because the drill tube is longer than usual, increasing vertical guidance of the drill, it results in increased accuracy and stability while drilling. The 9mm drill is guided by a 7mm drill tube, and a longer, 12mm tube is provided to be used in the anterior, where even higher precision is required.

Besides length, the drill tube in DIOnavi. Surgical Kit is designed to be inserted into the punched soft tissue. When drilling, the drill tube is first inserted into the drill and seated on the guide. It is praised for its differentiated excellence in all aspects of accuracy and convenience in limitation of space within the oral cavity.

In addition, all of Korea's precision processing technologies have been concentrated to eliminate errors in drill tubes.
The tolerance between the drill tube and the guide is 0.01 mm. This is the minimum tolerance value that can be narrowed with Korean processing technology. The result of the study that the tolerance of 0.01mm between the drill tube and the guide arithmetically shows an error range of less than 1 degree (DIOnavi.’s average degree error is 0.4 degrees), while showing a 5 degree error when drilling without using a drill tube is presented other studies.

'DIOnavi. Surgical Kit' is a system that completely solves concerns about bone heating. 'DIOnavi. Surgical Kit' is a guide kit consisting of a precision machined drill from 'Maillefer' in Switzerland. Unlike the conventional high-speed drilling system, low-speed drilling without irrigation at 100 rpm is required owing to the excellent cutting force and durability of the ‘DIOnavi.’ drill. On average, 'Drilling Time' is completed within 10 seconds during implant surgery. As a result of 'Heating Test' during that period, 'DIOnavi. Surgical Kit' showed around 39°C, a very low value compared with conventional high-speed drilling. In addition, DIOnavi. provides an easy safety system that injects saline with a 'metal needle' for each drilling section, removing particles in the bone cavity, and cools down into the deepest area of the osteotomy, and at the same time, a sort of guided irrigation system used to safely and easily avoid bone heating.

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DIOnavi. Surgical KIT,
the first full package surgical kit

'DIOnavi. Surgical Kit' is basically the world's first full-package drill kit exclusively for surgical guides with unlimited scalability for clinical indications. There is a 'Master Kit' for standard implant cases, 'Wide Kit' for posterior teeth with small mouth opening, 'Narrow Kit' for narrow anterior cases, etc. 'DIOnavi.' is equipped with a line-up of Kits for any clinical case depending on the patient's condition, such as crestal sinus augmentation cases, or with cases where edentulous teeth or multiple teeth are lost, when the ‘Special Kit’ can be used.

Surgical KIT

Master KIT

1 / 6

Surgical KIT

Narrow KIT

2 / 6

Surgical KIT

Wide KIT

3 / 6

Surgical KIT

Flapless Crestal Sinus KIT

4 / 6

Surgical KIT

Special KIT

5 / 6

Surgical KIT

Protem KIT

6 / 6

Especially, “Crestal Sinus Kit” and “Special Kit” tells “Why ‘DIOnavi. Surgical Kit’ is the best in show. The drill in 'Crestal Sinus Kit' has a rounded shape blade so that only the bone is removed without damaging the sinus membrane, and is safer than others due to the low-speed drilling of less than 10 rpm with drill stoppers with 1 mm increments. In addition, the 'Special Kit' has a reputation as a perfect surgical tool in difficult cases such as edentulous patients, especially among newly opened clinics because it can fix the surgical guide without movement.

“DIO is a pioneer in technological innovation centered on digital dentistry. It is being recognized in US and China as having the world's best technology and brand value in implant dentistry.” DIO will continue to focus on its constant challenges and capabilities so that it can leap forward to become the global No.1 company in digital dentistry with top-tier technology based on R&D and innovation."