The evolution of
digital orthodontic treatment

DIO Ortho navi.

DIO Ortho navi. Predicting changes in the orthodontic market

DIO (CEO Jinbaek Kim), received the attention of the market after acquiring the domestic license for digital clear orthodontics,
‘DIO Ortho navi. Clear Aligner’.
Under the leadership of Mr.Jinbaek Kim, DIO ambitiously released the world's first 'Double-wire 3D Printing Lingual Brackets' in 2017
and took the first step in the digital orthodontics.
The labial orthodontics developed in 2019, and the clear orthodontic solution 'DIO Ortho navi. Clear Aligner' developed in 2020,
together completed the 'Total Solution Line up' of digital orthodontics.
With continuous research, development, and performance through a solid technological approach, DIO is improving further in its steps in the field of orthodontics.

DIO Ortho navi. The new standard of clear aligners DIO Digital Clear Aligner

'DIO Ortho navi. Clear Aligner' adds DIO's unique point that is differentiated from the existing clear orthodontic brands
with the know-how and cutting-edge technology accumulated over the past three years.

The biggest feature is that it includes all the treatment processes.
First, the three types of clear orthodontic sheet paper approved by the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety (Soft, Medium, Hard) is used to minimize the patient's pain.
Second, after long research, a ‘Digital Diamond Attachment System’ solved the drawback of the existing clear orthodontic system
which receives a force in the falling out direction of the tooth. This was solved with the reverse idea and was applied to clinical applications.
Third, the C-Force System, which uses the teeth that first reached the target as a relative anchorage instead of moving the entire teeth
at the same time increasing the safety of the orthodontic treatment.
Fourth, a ‘Smart Set-Up’ system that evaluates treatment results and resets the treatment goals accordingly enables faster and more efficient treatment performance.

Advantages of DIO clear aligners

  • 01

    DIO’s Special
    Diamond Attachment

  • 02

    Reducing patient pain
    by gradual teeth movement

  • 03

    Smart Set Up

  • 04

    Predicting results through
    digital simulation

020 / 025 / 030 3Type Sheet
Digital Set-up
20weeks Re Set-up System

Diamond Attachment Sliding Principle

Smart Set-Up System

A system that
increases the satisfaction of both patients and surgeons by providing customized clear orthodontic in stages for the completion of an accurate orthodontic treatment

DIO Ortho navi. Set up the total digital solution line up

DIO established a total digital solution line-up through the development of the clear orthodontic device

DIO provides a digital orthodontic treatment solution from the world's first 'Double-wire 3D Printing Lingual Brackets' and Buccal Bracket
to the ‘DIO Ortho navi. Clear Aligner’ that was already clinically proven.
The advantages of a 3D printing bracket have already been proved through clinical results, and furthermore, a clear orthodontic device has been sequentially released.
In addition, we will provide a digital orthodontic total solution with both precision and convenience of orthodontic treatment by reinforcing the connection
between the 3D printing bracket and the clear orthodontic device, and utilizing the advantages of each device.

The evolution of digital orthodontic treatment,