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UV Activator2 Next-generation surface treatment system recognized worldwide

'UV Activator2' uses a surface treatment method that irradiates UV ultraviolet rays onto the surface of an implant. In particular, it attracts attention as the next-generation surface treatment capable of acquiring hydrophilicity that is advantageous for osseointegration. In addition, for its differentiated design, it has been recognized not only for its technological prowess but also for perfect designs that have been awarded the ‘IF Design Awards 2020’, one of the world's three major design awards.

'UV Activator2' has proven to have a hydrophilic effect and have exceptionally early osseointegration. And it is being chosen by hundreds of clinicians. As a result, over 1,000 UV Activator2 has been sold only after a year since the launch last September and its clinical utilization is increasing.

The reason why many clinicians choose the ‘UV Activator2’ is that the clinical excellence of the DIO UV Implant system has been proved.

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Overcoming difficult cases,
clinically proven

The clinical excellence was clearly demonstrated at the DIO UV Implant Seminar. In his lecture, Dr. Jae-Seok Kang of Mokpo Yedam Dental Hospital mentioned a clinical case that he had failed before due to the several reasons but was able to replace the implant and get a high ISQ value after irradiating the implant in UV. He was able to even seat the prosthesis on top of that.

Dr. Min-Seok Oh of Sun Dental Hospital also shared in his lecture about a case that had very little bone with very poor bone quality. Even though the bone quality was poor with insufficient bone, after it was irradiated with UV radiation, the ISQ value increased rapidly and remained stable, osseointegration happening faster than a regular non-UV treated implant.

Reports on clinical cases

As the results of having used UV irradiated implant in a diverse range of difficult cases, it was verified that it achieves very quick healing speed and stability in comparison to the ordinary non-UV irradiated implants.

Mokpo Yedam Dental HospitalDr. Jaeseok Kang

A special solution
That satisfies everyone

The superiority of the UV irradiated implants had already been published in many relevant papers and was validated after it was utilized repeatedly in many clinical cases. In difficult cases such as placing implants in areas with insufficient bone, or in areas where the implant has failed once before, UV-irradiated implants showed a faster healing speed and stability compared to non-UV treated implants, once again proving that the UV implant system is more effective in difficult cases.

In particular, the surface treatment system ‘UV Activator2’ that has evolved to improve its convenience, has increased the value of the UV implant once more. It only takes 20 seconds to irradiate the implant so it is very efficient, being able to cope with random variables that occur during surgery. As a result, based on high stability, it has become a solution that can satisfy both patients and surgeons by reducing the duration of the entire treatment process.