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DIOnavi. Surgical KIT

Delivers Complete Solution

The secret to the success of DIOnavi.
The popularity of the digital guide system, DIOnavi., has doubled over the years since its launch in 2014.
DIOnavi, which has entered the global market beyond Korea, has achieved more than 400,000 holes for the first time in the guide system last year based on its solid technology.
At the heart of DIOnavi's unrivaled growth is the 'DIOnavi. Surgical KIT’.


The First Full Package Surgical KIT

'DIOnavi. Surgical KIT’ is the first full package drill kit dedicated to surgical guides and has a wide lineup for all clinical indications.
In particular, the biggest feature is that a complete solution can be achieved by providing a customized kit in any clinical case according to the patient's condition.
As such, it is considered the most convenient and stable kit with the diversity of the clinician's choice, and it is being selected by many clinicians.
  • DIOnavi. Master Kit
  • DIOnavi. Narrow Kit
  • DIOnavi. Wide Kit
  • DIOnavi. Flapless Crestal Sinus Kit
  • DIOnavi. Special Kit
  • DIOnavi. Protem Kit


Capture both convenience and safety

‘DIOnavi. Surgical KIT' is faithful to the basics of digital implant dentistry, but is also revolutionary in its innovative functions.
It is equipped with functional drills and tools at the same time, which doubles convenience and efficiency. The surgical drill is designed so that it fits the straight type fixture standard, which helps to control the depth and diameter of the osteotomy when drilling.
We also solved the problem of bone heating, which is a concern for the implant procedure.
Because of the excellent cutting power and durability of the drill, low-speed drilling of 100 rpm and no injection is recommended, so the average drilling time is finished within 10 seconds.
At this time, as a result of conducting a heating test, it has succeeded in securing safety by showing a much lower temperature than conventional high-speed drilling, with an average of around 39°C.

Graph of Temperature Change during Drilling Over Time
Drilling by 100 rpm

The DIOnavi drills have high cutting force so the cutting temperature doesn't rise as much


DIOnavi's accuracy has astonished the world


DIOnavi. Minimized the gap

The drill tube of the DIOnavi. maximizes the contact area with the drill to hold the shaking or to prevent horizontal movement during drilling.
Especially, The longer drill tube maximizes the contact area to prevent the shakiness and movement, allowing for a more accurate treatment.

DIOnavi. Guides are height-adjustable with the offset system !

The DIOnavi. drill is a straight shape that can be applied to the offset system, allowing the guide height to be flexibly adjusted even in the interference of a thick gingiva or an adjacent tooth. A typical case uses the default offset value of 9㎜, 10.5㎜, and 12㎜, narrow cases are 12㎜ for the default offset value, and the wide case has a default offset value of 8㎜, making the procedure smoother and more precise.

With the Offset system, even if there is thick gum or interference from adjacent tooth, guide height can be adjusted.

  • In case of thick gingiva, the sleeve can be lifted by 1.5mm or 3mm

  • In the case of adjacent teeth interference,
    1.5mm / 3mm can be lifted.

DIOnavi drill is a straight drill which enables the offset system.


Bone Density can be identified with the DIOnavi system

Implant can be placed with a proper placement torque with the drilling protocol which can identify bone density with the profile drills and the final drills.

With the surgical protocol that combined the profile drills and the final drills, it is possible to evaluate the bone quality so the placement torque is exact.

  • ① Can evaluate the cortical bone quality with the profile drill
  • ② Can evaluate the cancellous bone quality with the final drills and proceed with the surgery
  • ③ Placement torque can be adjusted based on the bone quality
  • ④ Surgical protocol is provided when you order DIOnavi
  • ex) Ø5.0 x 10mm fixture
  • Profile drill
  • Final drill

Custom KIT Line-up

Master KIT

Standard Implant Cases

Narrow KIT

Narrow Anterior Cases

Wide KIT

Posterior Cases with small mouth opening

Flapless Crestal Sinus KIT

Crestal Sinus Augmentation Cases

Special KIT

Edentulous Cases or Cases with many teeth missing

Protem KIT

Cases that have Narrow Interdental Space


Better implant solutions in special cases

The excellence of the DIOnavi Surgical Kit shines even more in difficult cases such as the sinus or edentulous cases.
The DIOnavi. Crestal Sinus Kit is an optimized kit for the sinus case, that has a rounded shape blade so that only the bone is removed without damaging the sinus membrane, and is safer than the others due to the low-speed drilling of less than 10 rpm with drill stoppers with 1 mm increments.

DIOnavi. Special Kit is used in patients with little to no teeth, and it is fastened to a drill hole or a fixture that was previously placed with a guide fix and a fix pin to fix the surgical guide so that the surgical guide does not move, enabling more convenient surgery.
Additionally, since stable drilling is possible in the extraction case, it is evaluated as the perfect Surgical Tool even in difficult cases.

DIOnavi. Surgical KIT
is the best technology innovation and systematic system based on digital dentistry.

We promise to provide an implant solution that satisfies the world with the best technology based on R&D innovation.