A digital wave spreads across the country,

with DIO’s


DIO Implant brightened in the exhibition in the first half of the 2022

In the first half of this year, DIO participated in various exhibitions in major cities of Korea including DENTEX, BDEX, HODEX, and SIDEX, proving its status as a leading digital dentistry company nationwide. All of the exhibitions that we participated in this year attracted a large number of visitors, and on-site sales were sold out, continuing the success of the show.

dentex 2022


DIO participated in DENTEX as the first exhibition in 2022. At DENTEX, an exhibition specializing in the dental practice opening, DIO also launched the opening business and revealed strategies and know-how for a successful opening, attracting the attention of visitors.
From site selection to tax, marketing, and interior consulting, more than 100 inquiries were received.
In addition, DIO's digital solution was evaluated to have solved the digital treatment concerns of medical practitioners, and the exhibition was successfully concluded.

DIO joins 2022 SIDEX

‘The beginning and the Best’,
Full digital solutions for digital care

The core of the exhibition in the first half of the year was a full digital solution that applied digital to the entire dental treatment process.
As with the exhibition slogan ‘From the beginning to the best’ ▲Digital implant system ‘DIOnavi.’
▲Digital edentulous implant system ‘DIOnavi. Full Arch' ▲UV implant system 'UV Activator2' ▲Digital prosthetic system 'DIO Ecosystem'
▲Digital orthodontic system 'DIO Ortho navi'
Digital solutions leading digital dentistry draw the attention of all visitors in the exhibition hall made it.


‘DIOnavi.’, ‘DIOnavi. Full Arch’,
the first digital guide to hit 600,000 holes &
The first UV Implant System with seconds long lead time

Among them, the digital implant system ‘DIOnavi.’ stood out.
In particular, everyone admired the unique presence of ‘DIOnavi.’, which achieves a new record every year, such as breaking through 600,000 holes in accumulation for the first time in a digital guide. A separate ‘DIOnavi.’ Hands-on booth was set up, drawing the participation of many visitors and realizing its popularity.

In addition, inquiries about 'DIOnavi Full Arch', a digital edentulous implant system for edentulous patients with the highest level of difficulty among implant treatments, also received a lot of attention.

First of all, ‘UV Activator2’, the first UV implant system in seconds, caught the attention of visitors.
The UV implant system was well-received by maximizing the hydrophilic effect with the irradiation time in seconds.
Through the various clinical cases and numerous use experiences since its launch, visitors have experienced the hydrophilicity testing of UV implant systems, which have been proven effective for a long time, and have been exclaimed.

DIO will participate in various exhibitions
such as DIDEX, EAO, and YESDEX in the second half of the year
to promote digital dental care.
We promise to lead the spread of digital dental care
not only in Korea but also around the world with full digital solutions.