DIOnavi. User Interview

Lee Seung-cheol, of Yes Dental Clinic

"As a dentist, it is the most pleasant moment for me to do implant surgery
in accurate and give my patients happiness."
  • Bachelor of Biological Science at Seoul National University
  • Bachelor of Busan National University College of Dentistry
  • A Director of Dental Dept. at Busan Correctional Service
  • A Director of Dental Dept. at Maryknoll Hospital
  • A Member of the Korean Academy of Oral & Maxillofacial Implantology
  • A Member of the Korea Academy of Esthetic Dentistry


Painless and comfortable surgery is DIOnavi.

Satisfactory and safe operation companion, DIOnavi., is the patient's favorite surgery

Dr. Seung-cheol Lee of Yes Dental Clinic, located in Gijang-gun, Busan, came out of Busan's bustling city.
"When the new city came in, I began to dream about this place as well as to start a new business." The relationship with this place has begun for five years this year.
The 165m2 of Yes dentist is surrounded by apartment complexes. There are many young couples and children in the new city.
"These days, many elderly people visit to clinic. I think the population age is changing, but I think it may be due to DIOnavi. system. "
Dr. Lee has used DIOnavi. guide system since December 2013.

As I studied the implants, the more I learned about the implants, the more accurate and safe the procedure was necessary for the patients.
Yes Dental Clinic is one of the leading clinics in the Gijang-gun of Busan.
Dr. Seung-cheol Lee said that while studying implants, he feels DIOnavi. is the best.
There was a conventional guide system, which was somewhat unsafe and uncertain, but DIOnavi was a very attractive system that would be fine at a glance.
So I put my first case on my mother. It has become more and more confident since the mother's treatment and has become the most beloved system ever since.

Seung-cheol Lee ,
Dortor of Yes Dental Clinic

"DIOnavi. is characterized by a high satisfaction.

" Patients can not see how well the surgery is done, but they are very satisfied without pain and bleeding after the operation.
It is a good advantage to be able to return to normal life immediately after surgery. Patients who do not know it at first but who once have received implant treatment elsewhere say DIOnavi. system is much more comfortable and much more satisfactory. Many people want to get DIOnavi. surgery.
"The location of dental clinic is much better here than in Busan main downtown. The house is also near here. I do not need to go out in the city. I think the most important thing is the dental treatment should be painless and be safe. DIOnavi. makes them possible.
The clinic is equipped with a painless anesthesia machine or other equipment that does not hurt the patient. We also do our best to equip ourselves with safety equipment and safe disinfection.
The most important thing in dentistry is that it is painless and precisely safe. I have repeatedly stressed that DIOnavi. makes it possible.

"A number of patients have been increased due to DIOnavi. There are a lot of introductions to those who have done this once. So nowadays, there are more and more patients. "It is DIOnavi. that satisfies the patients without any reason.

Dr. Seung-cheol Lee of Yes Dental Clinic said that the number of patients has increased since the introduction of DIOnavi.
There is a patient with a difficult case who was very satisfied with DIOnavi. after the operation.
"The patient was that one side was operated with DIOnavi. surgery and one side was operated with a general operation. However, it is wonderful to remember that the one with DIOnavi. surgery did not hurt, but the other one was so hurt for patient. To that extent, DIOnavi. surgery is no pain and high satisfaction.”
After the introduction of DIOnavi., the number of patients who had surgery increased. At the end of the interview, DIOnavi. surgery is ready to be operated. The Yes Dental Clinic’s reputation is very high in Gijang-gun area. It is no exaggeration to say that DIOnavi. operation is the key factor.
"As a dentist, DIOnvai. surgery is that can provide the painless operation and give the patient the necessary surgery and the pleasure of chewing. In that sense, DIOnavi. is my companion."
For Yes Dental Clinic, there is always “Yes!” for implant surgery.
Dr. Lee went to the operating room immediately after the interview.

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