DIOnavi. User Interview

Son Hyun-lak, of Newton Dental Clinic

"Satisfactory precision and chair time in dental implant surgery"
  • - Chief Doctor of Newton Dental Hospital
  • - Graduated from the Seoul National University College of Engineering
  • - Graduated from the Busan National University Dental College
  • - Key Doctor of DIO Implant
  • - Instructor of DIO International Acardemy
  • - Member of the Korean Academy of Microscope Dentistry
  • - Member of International Congress of Oral Implantologists
  • - Certificated by Alexander Foundation for Orthodontic Research & Education
  • - Certificated by Advanced Course of ATC Esthetic & Implant dentistry
  • - Member of team Blue Ocean (CAD/ CAM Study Group)


The level of precision of DIOnavi

“I had never stopped trying to find a way to provide excellent patient care for my patients even post-operation."

“I had never stopped trying to find a way to provide excellent patient care for my patients even post-operation. I have regrets for cases where I could not provide better results despite difficulties inherent in the case itself or technical limitations. I am satisfied that the implementation of ‘DIOnavi’ led to better results and a decrease in unintended side-effects.”

Dr. Son Hyunlak practices scientific, precise medicine rather than medicine based on the ‘gut-feeling’ of an individual doctor. He has conducted studies and research after discovering a surgical guide, trying to apply his findings to more cases.

“I have to admit I had a hard time at first when studying the surgical guide because I had no background in the area. I started out to solve problems but I found myself rethinking many practices. Analog methods are familiar but the actual practice of these methods has been a burden to patients and my staff. The digital method is safer, more precise, quicker and simpler and exposes the practice to a wider variety of cases. We get a larger number of difficult cases due to the increased case load and solving those hard cases has brought me catharsis.”

The level of precision of DIOnavi
The reason why Dr. Son chose DIOnavi. is its precision. “Everyone seeks simple instruments and precise procedures but in reality, it is hard to achieve both. Most people look for precision and simplicity simultaneously. It is difficult to satisfy both needs with one method. I personally prefer to be of actual help to patients by choosing the complex but precise method rather than resorting to a simple and imprecise procedure. I encountered many obstacles at first due to the lack of experience but I have succeeded in solving those issues and I try my best to provide the best and try to spread the knowledge I have accumulated to help others.”

There are many who misconceive this method as a more complex procedure than the existing method but once a practitioner is accustomed to the DIOnavi method, the procedure itself only takes 10 minutes. Moreover, deeper understanding of the procedure by the practitioner leads to shorter procedure time, better outcomes and less pain on the patient’s side which in the end leads to increased patient trust. The advantages of DIOnavi compared to existing dental implant methods are even more evident during actual procedures. Dr. Son explained that the key is in precision. The procedure itself is simple and quick so the patient feels no pain and the speed of osseointegration is faster because the surgery is done without flap resulting in shortened recovery benefiting both the practice and the patient.
Efficient time management helpful for practice management
A surgical guide lessens the burden on dentists but the practitioner should give continuous efforts. Despite I use software program for making guide, I always design my own procedures. “One might think the act of merely designing a procedure might be not important but when the design process includes a simulation operation, it is immensely helpful for the actual procedure” Dr. Son added. He also added that “It would be a great asset in the clinical sense if we know why we should protect the given system in addition to maintaining the current system.” Dr. Son emphasized that a guide system is beneficial to the clinical experience and will provide an opportunity for dentists to grow further.

He said that “I have to conduct numerous clinical trials and accumulate skills to implement the plans I drew in my head in the actual procedure. A digital guide can help me with not only technology but also with opportunities to get abundantly different cases which provide a foundation for personal growth. The DIOnavi digital guide system’s excellence also helps hospital management. According to Dr. Son, the optimal advantage is time management. Post-operation management is mandatory in dental implant patients and outcomes are closely monitored but when a patient suddenly gets an inflammation then it is inevitable for head dentist to give an attention to the complication. “If there are not many patients at the time then the situation is fine but if there are many patients then there is a problem in hospital management.” However, the DIOnavi procedure is simple and quick therefore post-operation management becomes easy. Even if there is an inflammation, the path is inserted in precisely to a targeted area so post-operation of patient care is rather simple.

Dr. Son revealed plans to expand applicable ranges following to the advanced digital dentistry to gain competitive advantages in the digital dentistry. He emphasized ‘the introduction of 3D printing in dentistry would make one-day prosthetics in real and if a final material is developed then immediate prosthetics would no longer be a figment of imagination. And these are demands by patients therefore it is just a matter of time before they became a reality.’ He also added that, “My ultimate goal is to provide the best care for my patients and I plan to continuously put in the effort and research what the best practice is. I will continue to manage hospital to provide excellent care for patients rather than engaging in price wars and share my knowledge with other dentists to create an opportunity to grow together.”

[Sourced by Dental Arirang]