DIOnavi. User Interview

Kim Dong-wook, of Gwangju Shinsegae Dental Clinic

"DIOnavi, Essential in the Era of an Aging Society."
  • - Chief Doctor of Gwangju Shinsegae Dental Clinic
  • - Graduated from Dental College of Kyungpook National University
  • - Graduated from Dental College of 2nd Prosthodontics Department in Tokyo University
  • - Obtained a Dentist’s License in Japan
  • - A Member of Japan Aesthetic Association
  • - A Member of Japanese Prosthodontics College
  • - Served as Deputy Director of MIOS Implant Center in Japan


DIOnavi, Essential in the Era of an Aging Society.

“Recently, DIOnavi is being used in ordinary cases regardless of age, but we are seeing more satisfactory feedback from elderly patients who get implant surgery.
DIOnavi can be applied even in difficult cases such as patients with narrow ridges which provide benefits to both the operator and patient in terms of convenience,” says Dr. Dongwook Kim who has implemented DIOnavi four years ago.

Dr. Kim has performed over 2,000 surgeries using DIOnavi. “Many elderly patients come to my hospital for surgery and most of them are edentulous or serious cases.
As the number of elderly patients is increased, I searched for a less painful and approachable treatment and came across DIOnavi,” he says.
One of the reasons he chose DIOnavi was of its low error rate and the immense amount of data proving it.
Another reason was the low speed drilling without using irrigation which is a more approachable method to patients.
Also, the operator can find the exact location of the implant placement using digital technology and not just rely on his senses, therefore relieving any stress related to implant treatment.

Patient Satisfaction UP – Profits UP from Word of Mouth
Dr. Kim says he has actually seen more benefits than he had expected after implementing DIOnavi. “Flap open surgeries can cause a lot of blood and swelling on elderly patients and they go through physical and mental pain from implant surgery.
However, since using DIOnavi, I’ve seen many patients who did not go through surgery pain and express extremely high satisfaction,” he added. No matter how serious the case, DIOnavi has become popular among elderly patients as a less painful surgery without swelling or bleeding.
A surgical method that has chased away all the fears related to dental treatment.
Chair time can also be reduced to 5 minutes for a simple case and 30 minutes for a full case, enabling patients to feel comfortable in many aspects.
Patients who receive implant surgery with DIOnavi are sharing their experiences to their family, friends and neighbors which are creating profit effects from the increasing number of new patients coming to hospital on word of mouth.
Operator Stress Decreases Immensely
Dr. Kim emphasized that one of the largest benefits he has gained by implementing DIO navi is that his stress from implant surgery has decreased immensely.
“As a dentist, I am also a person so the outcome of the surgery can be affected by my physical or mental state when I am not in a good condition.
But the advantage of DIOnavi is that it provides a consistent output in any type of environment or situation.
As an operator, I am very happy because patient complaints have decreased so there is less need for post-treatment,” he commented.
He also describes how DIOnavi has strengthened the relationship between dentist and patient by building more trust.
“By providing the patients with the treatment plan and showing them how the surgery will be executed in advance, they accept the treatment procedure with no hesitation.
DIOnavi helps patients to entrust themselves to the dentists with their surgery plan, therefore strengthening the relationship between dentist and patient,” says Dr. Kim. On the day of the interview, a patient named Jinyoung Kang (age 63) who had full mouth implant surgery using DIOnavi visited the hospital for checkup.
“I am so satisfied because I felt no pain even after implanting so many. I highly recommend this hospital to other people because Dr. Kim kindly explains about the implant surgery in detail,” she said expressing her satisfaction.
Dr. Kim is relatively one of the first doctors to implement DIOnavi. “I have been tracking the development of DIOnavi. so far and have strong regards to its credibility.
I have experienced first-hand the improvement of DIOnavi’s accuracy and devices, and seen how the trust among users has strengthened during the journey of the developing processes in each stage.
The developmental attempt to improve DIOnavi’s surgical accuracy is worth being highly praised,” says Dr. Kim who also praised DIO’s research and development.
Optimized in Treatment for Elderly Patients
“I highly recommend DIOnavi to rookie dentists as well as experienced dentists. I would use DIOnavi for my family if they were to get implant surgery,” says Dr. Kim who showed deep trust in the system.
The Korean society is becoming an aging society and there will be more elderly patients in the future.
DIOnavi will become the solution to painful implant surgeries for elderly patients who desire painless treatment. “Recently, I’ve been treating more elderly patients than I have in the past.
Elderly patients in need of implant surgery is therefore increasing, and the dental industry is searching for treatment methods and techniques as well as a better understanding of how to treat these patients.
I believe DIOnavi can become one of the solutions in treating elderly patients in terms of them feeling less pain and feeling more comfortable. Digital is developing and starting to enter the clinical scene, so I think in the future, dentists will include digital technology and its operation in their skillset.
This will lead to the universal treatment of patients by dentists with a basic set of skills and DIOnavi is the digital navigation that will make all this reality,” emphasized Dr. Kim.

[Sourced by Dental Arirang]