DIOnavi. User Interview

Jung Yu-seok, of Seoul Prime Dental Clinic

"DIOnavi. is the time stream technology."
  • - Graduation, School of dentistry, Chosun University
  • - Graduation, Post-graduate Residency in Prosthodontics
      (Trained in Korea University, Anam Hospital 2007-2010)
  • - Master Degree in Medical College of Korea University
      (Jung YS et al. : A study on the in-vitro wear of the natural tooth structure by opposing zirconia or dental porcelain. J Adv Prosthodontics 2010;2:111-5.)
  • - University of British Columbia Visiting Residency
  • - Adjunct Professor , Korea University Hospital
  • - Instructor, DIO Digital Academy
  • - Member of International College of Prosthodontics (ICP)
  • - Member of International Federation of Esthetic Dentistry (IFED)
  • - Member, Korean Academy of Prosthodontics
  • - Member, Korean Academy of Oral and Maxillofacial Implant


DIOnavi. is the time stream technology.

Nature of treatment is to provide with a warm heart, digital as a method to differentiate, a tool to making patients satisfactory.

Dr. Yu Seok Jung, Director of Seoul Prime Dental Clinic located in Hopyeong-dong, Namyangju Gyeonggi Province, first started his clinic six years ago by acquiring the dental clinic there before.
“My wife first established the clinic which I joined four years ago. I served in the army at Gapyeong which is not far from where we founded the clinic and is the reason why we came to Hopyeong-dong.”
Seoul Prime Dental Clinic operates in a space around 260 m2. Dr. Jung acquired the clinic from a dentist who moved to the States. In the beginning, he was up to his neck dealing with the post-treatment of existing patients. However, Dr. Jung believes his experiences during that period made him a better dentist, helping him to understand the importance of treatment as a doctor.

I believe our nature as a doctor, is to treat patients with all our hearts.
Therefore, Dr. Jung works extremely hard to be faithful to his nature as a doctor. He participates in various seminars and reads books on clinical studies to learn about the best treatment, to provide the best treatment options for his patients and for them to have the best smile. He works every day to make the best clinic for his patients.
Hopyeong-dong is a fairly busy area but in this region, it is a bed town. It is only a 30-minute drive away from Gangnam or Jamsil. Since Cheonmasan Mountain is nearby, many elderly people live in the area compared to other areas which is also an advantage. There are also many younger generation people with children living in Hopyeong-dong so the area has been steadily developing. Seoul Prime Dental Clinic has also evolved with the development of this area.
DIOnavi. is a time stream technology. Clinics can no longer differentiate based on the implant surgical methods of the past.
Dr. Jung learned about DIOnavi. coincidentally and ever since its implementation in 2014, he has been a true believer of DIOnavi. “It provides high accuracy with a reasonable price. The immediate placement is also very precise and accurate”, he said. Dr. Jung in fact has experience using the Branemark Guide during his internship at Korea University Guro Hospital and Anam Hospital. It was very convenient to use but the device was expensive costing over ten-million KRW and to receive results, the file had to be sent to another country.

Also, the accuracy was not as high as expected. One day, he participated in a lecture presented by Professor Byung-ho Choi on dental implants and learned about DIOnavi. Since then he has been using DIOnavi. for its high accuracy. Also, he says DIOnavi. helps dentists to perform placements accurately in the right locations without being affected by their daily conditions. Therefore, through accurate surgery, the patients too feel more comfortable without feeling any pain and already it has been known through word of mouth that this is true. Patients are highly satisfied with DIOnavi. surgery because compared to other surgical methods they feel less pain, and as for doctors who conduct the surgery, they feel less stress. “There are other cheaper methods costing only around six-hundred-thousand KRW. But we implemented DIOnavi. because we wanted to differentiate out treatment with quality treatment rather than betting on price. That is true differentiation. No pain, no swelling. That is the difference of DIOnavi.”

He believes this is the main reason why elderly patients prefer DIOnavi. One patient tells another person about their pain-free surgical experience using DIOnavi. which rapidly spreads by word of mouth to other people. “Recently a patient aged 94 came to receive surgery using DIOnavi. Although the patient didn’t know the meaning of ‘digital’, he/she was very satisfied that the surgery was accurate and painless.”

Dr. Jung says digital dentistry and its essence is to be a tool for providing better treatment to patients. He has already purchased the CAD-CAM and is eagerly waiting for its launch. “I hope to expand my clinic to Gangnam someday (laughter),” says Dr. Jung who dreams of evolution. He evolves even today as he works effortlessly to provide better treatment for his patients. Hence, the growth of Seoul Prime Dental Clinic is not merely a dream, but is becoming more of a reality.

[Sourced by Dental Arirang]