DIOnavi. User Interview

Kwon Hyoung-jo, of Jungwon Dental Clinic

Dr. Kwon hyoungjo poses for a picture with six dental hygienists on his team, saying that the reason she could enhance the quality of treatment using digital implant technology DIOnavi, and receive such positive feedback from patients were thanks to our teamwork.
  • - Bachelor of dental science, Kyungpook National University School of Dentistry (DDS).
  • - Dentistry internship, Kyungpook National University Hospital.
  • - Completed dental residency at Kyungpook National University Hospital, Department of Conservative Dentistry (majored in endodontic treatment and restoration).
  • - Master of Science in Conservative Dentistry (MSD) at Kyungpook National University.
  • - Accredited physician by the Korean Academy of Conservative Dentistry.
  • - Completed the Hanmi Dental seminar on prosthesis.
  • - Completed the Association for research on the angle orthodontics
  • - Completed the Global Academy of Osseointegration.
  • - Prev. Adjunct Professor at Kyungpook National University Graduate School of Dentistry.
  • - Prev. Vice President of the Korean Women Dental Association (KWDA).
  • - Prev. President of the Incheon Women Dental Association.
  • - Prev. Director of culture and welfare at the Incheon Dental Association.
  • - Member of the Korean Dental Association, Smoking Cessation Committee.
  • - Director of the Dental Volunteer Oraganization for the disabled people in Incheon


“We improved treatment quality by strengthening our teamwork.”

“My interest in digital sparked during my early years when I was looking to find a way how dentists could provide treatment to their patients and receive consistent surgical results regardless of their condition, and also how patients could feel comfortable at the same time. That’s how I also ended up implementing DIOnavi, based on my consideration for good treatment and good surgery.”
Dr. Kwon hyoungjo has been steadily interested in digital solution since she introduced the intraoral sencor to the dentistry relatively early in the 2000s.
she has always been able to obtain consistent clinical results, and she is attracted to the digital device which is comfortable for both surgeon and patient. Dr. Kwon has been maintaining her focus on digital dental devices and equipment for many years and she enjoys the advantages of the digital solution after selecting the digital implant “DIOnavi.”.

A “Team” is greater than “Alone”.
Dr. Kwon said, “Basically, I have been watching DIOnavi. because of the trust of intraoral scanner TRIOS.
The reason why I chose DIOnavi. is clinical data with a low-error in clinical practice and actual evaluations, well-organized DIO Planning Team, and also my trust in the company DIO who never stops to think ahead in the field of digital dentistry.”
In fact, Dr. Kwon expressed her great satisfaction of DIOnavi by pouring her gratitude to DIO for developing such a truly amazing solution that can be used in dental treatment.
She also praised DIOnavi for its adaptation to treatment and management in how the surgical results from DIOnavi are generated consistently with the same accuracy regardless of the surgeon’s condition, and how these best results are achieved through the effort of teamwork.
“Now is the era of teamwork,” she says, “the DIOnavi process enables us to see that the team can do better than alone, and we can feel ourselves that we are growing as a team.
When setting treatment plan for a case, planning team comes and discuss together about the plan and point out details that could be missed or overlooked if planning alone.
Therefore, we can obtain objective data through this process”, she said. “Furthermore, we involve our staff in the intraoral scanning process, inducing them to become a digital dentistry expert and feeling proud to be as a team memeber of the clinic.”
Dr. Kwon explains that the process of coordinating with young generation staff who are capable of planning and working in the digital field can lead to more perfect treatment quality.
Moreover, “from the stage of treatment planning to oral scans as well as to prosthetics, digital implant is the process of collaboration among the surrounding partners such as the planning team, dental hygienist and dental technician.
We increase the value of others through such a process of collaboration, "It's a great asset to be able to get the perfect quality treatment results."
“Reduced chairtime, a win-win for both treatment and management.”
Dr. Kwon also pointed out that another benefit she gained by implementing DIOnavi is how implant surgery has become easier and more convenient.
“Establishing a treatment plan has become easier based on the top-down approach.
The quality of treatment has improved while surgery time has reduced immensely.
I used to allocate more than an hour just for surgery in the past, but now using DIOnavi I can use my time efficiently by fitting in my surgery schedule during the last thirty-minute timeframe in the morning,” says Dr. Kwon.
“Also, DIOnavi is convenient in that it helps reduce the burden on surgeons since they can operate on maxillary sinus bone graft patients without opening the flap, and only have to eliminate the limited variables that can happen in any surgery,” adding that the advantages of the actual practice.
In particular, Dr. Kwon experienced significant growth in terms of her clinic management as chair time for implant surgery became shorter.
Thanks to shorter implant surgery, she can take more patients and save time and cost using the file transfer function which enables efficient communication during the prosthetic process.
Dr. Kwon said, “Digital dentistry is now an inevitable flow. If you want to be more free and flexible, I would strongly recommend you to choose DIOnavi.”

[Sourced by Dental Arirang]