DIOnavi. User Interview

Lee Min-woo, of M Plant Dental Clinic

Optimum solution to establishing a differentiated clinic.
  • - Head Director of M Plant Dental Clinic.
  • - Graduated from Graduate School of Clinical Dentistry at Seoul National University.
  • - Master of Dental Science at Chosun University School of Medical Science.
  • - Graduated from College of Pharmacy at Chungbuk National University.
  • - Master’s degree in Medicinal Chemistry from Graduate School of Pharmacy at Chungbuk National University.
  • - Member of The Korean Academy of Oral & Maxillofacial Implantology.
  • - Member of The Korean Academy of Prosthodontics.
  • - Member of The Korean Academy of Periodontology.
  • - Member of The Korean Academy of Oral Health.


“Optimum solution to establishing a differentiated clinic.”

“Dentists of a younger generation, must seek ways to differentiate themselves from existing clinics run by senior dentists when planning to open their own clinic. I came to find ‘digital’ a solution to my way of differentiating my clinic. ‘Digital’ is a great solution to relieving the gap in clinical experience and will play an important role in the future of dentistry,” says Dr. Lee Min Woo,
Director of M Plant Dental Clinic who opened his clinic in his hometown Daechon Boryeong after working as a public health doctor and pay doctor. Although his clinic opened just two years ago, the number of patients has been rapidly increasing for its good reputation spread by word-of-mouth among local residents as a dental clinic that provides digital implants, and treats patients with recent state-of-the-art technology.

A competitive edge for younger generation dentists.
Dr. Lee says, “Of course investing in the image of the clinic such as the interior of the facility is also important, but I think what is more important for younger generation dentists like myself, is to provide a better more comfortable treatment as a competitive edge. This thinking led me to consider digital as a way of finding ‘my own color’ in line with how younger generation people are more sensitive to new things”
Dr. Lee implemented the guide system when first opening the clinic as a tactic to differentiate his clinic from the others. Dr. Lee was positive about the implementation of the guide system, also taking into consideration that there weren’t any known digital-concept clinics in the area, and that the region has a high number of elderly population which meant there is high demand for implants but many who is afraid to go through implant surgery.
“I was determined to overturn the notion of elderly patients that implant surgery is scary and costly, and the guide system was essential in establishing this change,” explains Dr. Lee. That is how he came to choose DIOnavi.
“I saw how DIO operated its DIOnavi Center and through it gained trust in their amount of aggregated data and experience, accuracy, user convenience and fast feedback. I now have direct experience of these features while using the system and they are very advantageous to the user,” praises Dr. Lee of the system.
Right after implementing the DIOnavi system Dr. Lee started to perform immediate implant loading after extraction, edentulous cases and single implants all using the DIOnavi system, in order to clearly show the differentiation of his clinic.
Highly satisfied patients spread word-of-mouth.
Dr. Lee’s strategy worked. The first thing he noticed after implementing DIOnavi was the changing reaction of patients. “Surgery was shorter, there was less bleeding and almost no swelling enabling patients to feel differently about implant surgery and even lose their fear of dental treatment. Patients were highly satisfied with the surgery which naturally led to their recommendation to other patients, and the clinic gradually gained a good image among residents through word-of-mouth. We received an increasing number of patients who came to us based on a recommendation by someone else.
DIOnavi brought about many positive changes for both myself and the patients. DIOnavi allows the surgeon to place the implant according to the implant surgical planning designed based on digital data. The data and patient guides are crosschecked with the DIOnavi Center. In the surgeon’s perspective, it provides an opportunity to study the patient once more before the surgery, and enables the surgeon to be confident since everything is prepared in advance,” says Dr. Lee.
Dr. Lee points out that DIOnavi is also competitive in that chairtime can be operated efficiently. He says, “chairtime efficiency has increased immensely due to shorter implant surgical time. It is also one of the reasons why patients are so satisfied since there are no delays or long waiting hours.”
This is also positively effecting clinic management which is one of the reasons why Dr. Lee highly recommends DIOnavi to his colleagues and junior dentists. He explains that the gains go beyond the return of initial investment.
“There is no stress regarding surgery for the surgeon, we have highly satisfied patients, and the clinic staff members are also happy in not having to prepare so many instruments before surgery. High satisfaction from all three parties, the dentist-patient-staff who make the clinic work, is such an important factor in the management of the clinic,” emphasizes Dr. Lee. “Every hole placed using DIOnavi is charged. However, the clinic gains more benefits since the surgical time is shorter and more patients can be treated.
Users will be able to experience the big differences made through the high satisfaction of patients,” adds Dr. Lee who also recently implemented the 3D printer DIO PROBO as part of the whole digital dental clinic concept he plans to further strengthen. “I am a real example of someone who has experienced the time and cost saving benefits of digital in the clinic. My goal is to develop the digital treatments provided by my clinic for better and more comfortable treatment for both the surgeon and patient, and make a name of the clinic in the field of digital dentistry.”

[Sourced by Dental Arirang]