DIOnavi. User Interview

Mo Dong-yub, of BuBu dental Clinic

“A sophisticated system fine-tuned to meet the needs of the surgeon.”
  • - Chief Doctor of BuBu Dental Clinic
  • - Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Specialist
  • - Recognized Doctor of the Korean Association of Maxillofacial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons
  • - Prime Member of The Korean Academy of Oral & Maxillofacial Implantology
  • - Member of the Korean Dental Society of Anesthesiology
  • - DIOnavi. Key Doctor


“Optimum solution to establishing a differentiated clinic.”

“One of the greatest things about DIOnavi. is the high accuracy it provides when placing implants, but another brilliant feature is that it is compatible with the intraoral scanner software Trios. Trios can be used most widely for various purposes compared to the other intraoral scanners in the market. It is one of the few scanners that can scan the full mouth with high precision, and because it supports the best software option according to each case type whether it is orthodontics, prosthetics or surgery, Trios is very economic to an independent doctor such as myself since I don’t have to invest in multiple devices.”
Dr. Dongyub Mo (Director of BuBu dental Clinic) has been using the full digital implant system DIOnavi. since its early days. As a former student of Dr. Byungho Choi (Yonsei University Wonju Severance Christian Hospital) the developer of the DIOnavi. system, Dr. Mo is one of the clinicians who has the most extensive experience and knowledge of it since his relationship with DIOnavi. goes far back to when he participated in its testing stage.

“A system of convenience providing an easily adjustable offset value.”
When he first implemented the system, he normally received guides upon request through the DIOnavi. Center but now he is skillful enough to design the guides himself using the implant guide system.
Dr. Mo says, “DIOnavi. is a system that knows exactly what the clinicians need for placing implants up to the very detail.”
First, it makes the life of a surgeon much easier by providing an adjustable offset function.
“The offset value basically sets the thickness of the guide system and if permanently fixed at a high value then patients with limited mouth opening can be difficult to treat. However, the DIOnavi. system provides a separate offset value for the posterior which is adjustable, allowing clinicians to also easily treat patients with limited mouth opening,” explains Dr. Mo.
DIOnavi. also has a unique anchor screw which enables the easy placement of implants in edentulous patients.
Dr. Mo says, “DIOnavi.’s anchor screw system is so convenient when fixing guides in edentulous cases. It minimizes the margin of error when making placements by enabling accurate drilling even in edentulous cases. The markers provided when scanning the edentulous area are useful in merging soft tissue not shown in the CT which is particularly helpful in distal extension removable partial denture cases.”
Our patient numbers are increasing, they come to the clinic based on recommendation.
Currently, almost all implant patients in Dr. Mo’s clinic have received or are receiving treatment using DIOnavi. which amounts to around 95% of the total number of implant patients.
Dr. Mo says, “Other than cases that require extensive bone grafts, most patients receive surgery through DIOnavi. In fact, patients themselves prefer to get surgery with the DIOnavi.”
Like most clinics that have implemented the DIOnavi. system, BuBu dental Clinic also has an increasing number of patients who visit the clinic by word-of-mouth.
In particular, DIOnavi.’s reputation as an excellent implant surgical method spread rapidly among people, mostly elderly patients who gain information through the experiences of people they know.
Dr. Mo explains that, “When I meet patients, the actual reason they are hesitant to get implant surgery is not because they worry about the high cost of treatment but rather because they fear the pain of surgery. The DIOnavi. treatment method causes less bleeding, less swelling and less pain compared to the traditional method, so patients who experience DIOnavi. are able to overcome their fear of dental treatment and feel more relaxed. Hence, these patients and their positive feedback and word-of-mouth lead to more patients who visit the clinic by recommendation of someone else.”
He adds that, “One of the beneficial changes we were able to make at the clinic, is the efficient operation of chairs since we can cut surgery time through DIOnavi. It has led to higher efficiency in both the clinical and management perspectives of the clinic.” Lastly commenting that, “The initial investment for the implementation of the digital system can be quite high, however you can profit more from your investment the more you utilize the system in your clinic. I highly recommend the DIOnavi. to clinicians who wish for higher accuracy and better implant treatment.”

[Sourced by Dental Arirang]