DIOnavi. User Interview

Kim Jun-Yeop, of Jun Dental Clinic

 “I No regrets in having chosen the Navigation Implant System.” 
  • - College of Dentistry, Chosun University
  • - Member of the Korean Oral & Maxillofacial Implantology
  • - Member of the Korean Academy of Prosthodontics
  • - Member of Gaya Clinical Prosthodontics Academy
  • - Member of Seonam Orthodontics Academy


“I could promote my clinic as well through the implant”

“Our world is changing every day. It is the same for dentistry. Digital dentistry has already begun and I decided to adopt the digital system with the belief that the direction of progress in dentistry would change towards further digitalization. I found the answer in ‘DIOnavi.’.”
Dr. Jun-Yeop Kim (Jun Dental Clinic) opened his own dental clinic two years ago by returning to his home town after having spent his school years and worked as a dentist at a public health care center and a dental hospital in Naju. As he is approaching his patients with the attitude of treating them as if they were his family, and endeavoring to reduce pain as much as possible, the number of his patients continuously increased through word of mouth. As such, he is joyously operating his private dental clinic.

Adoption of DIOnavi.
Dr. Kim, having realized the convenience of digital products by using, ‘DIOnavi.’ during his years at a dental hospital, stated that, “although I haven’t handled many cases using DIOnavi., this experience led me to the desire of wanting to utilize the advantages of Navigation for implant surgery if I were to open my own clinic.”
While preparing for the opening of his clinic, he decided to establish the environment for his clinic by using digitalized system by firmly remembering that the latest key word in the global dental industry was ‘digital workflow’.
Dr. Kim commented that, “the foremost advantage of the Navigation Implant is that there is almost no swelling or bleeding since surgeries are conducted without having to make incisions. Generally, surgery requiring incisions are accompanied by pain and inconveniences due to bleeding and swelling with possibility of manifestation of inflammation and infection.” He also added that, “however, non-incision Navigation Implant surgery markedly reduces swelling and bleeding to ensure there is almost no pain after the surgery and assists with quicker recovery as there is lower risk of infection.”
This is also the reason for his choice of ‘DIOnavi.’. Dr. Kim disclosed that, “although I actually manufactured guide myself and managed to achieve guiding it in the direction I want to certain extent, the procedure was not easy,” and that, “DIO managed to quickly establish Navigation Implant System, which has stably settled in gradually as I continued to use it. I am now using the system with high level of satisfaction.”
Dental clinic with the largest number of surgeries in Jeonnam region
This led his dental clinic to the honor of being selected as the dental clinic with the highest number of surgeries using digital implants, ‘DIOnavi.’, in the Jeonnam region last year. He explained that, “since I opened my clinic in a relatively provision region, Navigation Implant System is not known widely,” and that, “my use of ‘DIOnavi.’ and its advantages were spread by words of mouth, and I now have frequent cases in which clients bring their aged parents and asking for the use of ‘DIOnavi.’ for their treatment.”
In particular, as he opened his clinic in the neighborhood where he spent his school years, the promotional effects through words of mouth are providing great deal of help in the operation of his clinic.
Dr. Kim stated that, “first, there is no burden on surgery if I use ‘DIOnavi.’,” and that, “I have less stress since there is no burden as I provide treatment and I am able to use the system with peace-of-mind since patients do not experience pain or inconveniences.”
Moreover, he added that, “there are occasionallysituations in which I make mistakes, even if I fully-concentrate during treatments and surgery. However, since it is possible to deduce desired surgical results irrespective of the conditions of the surgeon through the use of accurate system by using computer, there is a lower level of energy consumption on the part of the surgeon.” He is confident that, “I have less burden in accepting reservation for the treatment of other patients even if I have patient undergoing surgery on the same day.”
My staff members love it even more
Not only the surgeon and patients, but also the staff members who assist with treatment can approach treatments more comfortably and conveniently. Dr. Kim emphasized that, “generally, it is inevitable that I become highly-sensitive prior to surgery since there are so many issues that they have to pay attention to prior to and during general implant surgery,” and that, “this makes the jobs of my staff members more difficult and preparations more complicated. Navigation Implant ‘DIOnavi.’ has convenient surgical procedures and is more convenient since there is less number of procedures that I personally have to perform.”
In addition, “elderly individuals with disorders such as diabetes and high blood pressure can undergo surgery without burden since it is possible to perform surgery without having to make incisions by utilizing ‘DIOnavi.’” and “implants and bones are firmly fixated, and dental prostheses that fit perfectly as though they were the natural tooth, thereby enabling their prolonged use in excellent conditions.” Furthermore, another advantage is that it is possible to complete the outcome more comfortably with the minimum number of visits to the hospital.
Dr. Kim is determined to provide the best treatment by using his utmost skills and the best equipment for the local residents.
He disclosed his desire that, “I would like to provide treatment with my utmost efforts to ensure that surgical procedures are not painful and burdensome to all the patients by using the digital system which includes the most advanced treatment system, ‘DIOnavi.’.”

[Sourced by Dental Arirang]