DIOnavi. User Interview

Dr. Seong-Min Cho, Director of Jinhae Dental Clinic

 “DIOnavi was like a kind friend that taught me another joys of treatment” 
  • - Graduated from Dental College of Chosun University
  • - Lecturer at DIO Digital Academy


“DIOnavi was like a kind friend that taught me another joys of treatment”

“I learned about the digital navigation implant, ‘DIOnavi.’, at a seminar held by DIO by chance. I was fully convinced that it would be able to provide comfort to both the surgeon and patient due to its outstanding accuracy. It has already been 6 years since I introduced the navigation implant ‘DIOnavi.’ to my dental clinic and it continues to remain as an important element that broadens my clinical domains.”
Jinhae Dental Clinic, operated and managed by Dr. Seong-Min Cho in the vicinity of Yeojoacheon at which is the hot place for viewing and enjoying full blossom of cherry blossom in Korea, is a dental clinic that provides implant services through ‘DIOnavi.’
Although he had been performing implant surgery by opening the flap as all other ordinary clinical doctors before he learned about ‘DIOnavi.’, he began to utilize ‘DIOnavi.’ in his clinical practices since 2014. The first comments he made after he experienced navigation implant for the first time were that 'it is very accurate' and 'satisfactory'. Extensive changes occurred in his clinical practices after having experienced the digital implant system.

Unlimited advantages of ‘DIOnavi.’
“I was able to discern the advantages of DIOnavi. after having applied it to a couple of simple clinical cases.”
To the question of what are the characteristics of ‘DIOnavi.’, Dr. Cho answered, “short chair time and accuracy.”
He emphasized that, “the biggest difference between the surgical method through incision and ‘DIOnavi.’ is that the surgery that used to take more than an hour can be completed in about 10 minutes,” and that, “since the chair time is reduce, the discomfort experienced by the patient is also reduced. It is also very useful in providing consultations to the patient since it is possible to predict the final results quite accurately through the process of accurately assessing the oral structure after having acquired impression data with 3D scanning and producing guide customized to the patient prior to the surgery.”
He also added that, “it is equipped with excellent stability and shortens the recovery time of the patient,” and that, “navigation implant ‘DIOnavi.’ ensures that there is no variable in the surgical outcome since embedding is performed at accurate angle regardless of the conditions of the surgeon.” The advantages of ‘DIOnavi.’ he enumerated are the aspects that the majority of the users agree on.
Responsibilities and confidence of dentists
As any other dental clinics that use the digital implant ‘DIOnavi.’, Jinhae Dental Clinic is well known with reputation as a ‘dental clinic that performs flapless surgery and causes very little bleeding’, etc.
Dr. Cho informed that, “I have many patients who are afraid of surgery. Everyone has fear for bleeding,” and that, “I tend to treat my patients meticulously under the motto of ‘always follow the basic principles when treating patients’ and I experience greater fulfillment as a dentist due to broadening of the surgical cases I can handle since the introduction of ‘DIOnavi.’ at my clinic.”
He emphasized that “dentist is an occupation in which emotional fulfillment and stress coexists every day,” and that, “unlike other general surgeons, dentist can confirm the outcomes of the treatments rendered within several months or even within a month. Accordingly, we always ponder of the means of fulfilling our own expectations. From this perspective, ‘DIOnavi.’ is the technology that opened new domains for the lives of dentists.”

He added that, “it provided me with an opportunity to approach surgical procedures with little bit more confidence in comparison to when I performed flap surgery and it also gave me an opportunity to utilize more diversified treatment methods using implant,” and that, “it has established itself as an essential technology in my clinic.”

Dr. Cho is dreaming of fulfilling life as a dental surgeon who works joyously without stress at every moment he treats his patients sincerely and ardently in the future.

He assertively recommended the navigation implant ‘DIOnavi.’ to all the dental surgeons who are hesitant due to the burden of the initial investments that need to be made although they are interested in the introduction of the digital implant system, with the comment to “take up the challenge boldly and you will be fully satisfied as it will become a new set of wings to your clinical practices.”

[Sourced by Dental Arirang]