DIOnavi. User Interview

Dr. Lee Jun Min, director of Milyang Leeplant Dental Clinic

 “Confidence in ‘digital dentistry’ through navigation implant” 
  • - Graduated from Chosun University School of Dentistry
  • - Specialist of Advanced General Dentistry
  • - Completion of Implant & Prosthetic Course in Boston University
  • - Completion of Advanced Implant & Prosthetic Course in Boston Dental Academy
  • - Completion of Periodontal & Implant Therapy Course in Seoul National University
  • - Excellent Prosthetic Dentist Certified by the Korean Academy of Prosthodontics
  • - Authorized Member of the Korean Academy of Oral & Maxillofacial Implantology
  • - Authorized Member of the Korean Academy of Prosthodontics
  • - Authorized Member of the Korean Academy of Advanced General Dentistry


“Confidence in ‘digital dentistry’ through navigation implant”

“I put efforts to implement digital dentistry currently leading the area of navigation implant because of my conviction that digitalization is the current trend for the dental industry. I believe it was a great decision that enabled enhancement of treatment quality for patients not only in Milyang but for the Gyeongnam region.”

While preparing to open his dental clinic in Milyang, Gyeongnam (Milyang Leeplant Dental Clinic), Dr. Lee, Jun Min put utmost efforts to equip the clinic with an extensive range of ‘digital equipment’.
According, Dr. Lee introduced entire range of currently available digital dentistry equipment including not only digital oral scanner but also digital dental lab and navigation implant ‘DIOnavi.’, etc. to his Milyang Leeplant Dental Clinic to markedly increase the quality of treatments rendered.
Thanks to his efforts, Milyang Leeplant Dental Clinic was selected as an outstanding dental clinic for implementation of digital implant DIOnavi. in a very short period of time.
The Clinic is providing the highest quality digital treatment for the local residents, thereby eliminating the inconvenience of having to travel to large cities in the capital region or metropolitan cities for the same level of treatments.

Partner in digital dentistry
Dr. Lee disclosed that, “DIO is the foremost leading company in digitalization among all the currently existing companies in the area of digital dentistry,” and that, “I chose DIOnavi. to express that our Clinic is a step ahead of other dental clinics.”

Navigation implant ‘DIOnavi.’ enables reduction in pain experience and quick recovery by the patients through application of surgical technique without incision. In particular, it is characterized by further upgrading of all aspects of assessment of implant surgery results including promptness, accuracy and convenience of the surgical procedures, and level of satisfaction of the patients, etc.

He commented that, “while the contemporary implant surgery sets the position after having made incision in the gum, digital navigation implant ‘DIOnavi.’ is a system that not only assists with minimally invasive surgery but also enables embedding of implant in the precise location,” and that, “I am able to provide the best convergent surgery on the basis of my clinical experiences over many years and the most advanced digital technology.”
Presentation of highly valuable and advanced treatment
Milyang Leeplant Dental Clinic, in comparison to those in metropolis, is visited by patients who are relatively older and suffering from systemic disorders more frequently. In particular, ‘DIOnavi.’ is extremely useful for old patients with systemic disorders such as high blood pressure and diabetes due to its accurate diagnosis and precise surgical method by means of computer application. Dr. Lee explained that, “there is substantial physical burden on the elderly people in the case of surgery requiring incisions. When I explain that is it the latest and high quality treatment method although there is increased cost burden to the patient, them mostly accommodate the option of using ‘DIOnavi.” and that, “through the proliferation of the news of the excellent results with ‘DIOnavi.’ procedure through words of mouth by patient who underwent the procedure, many patients from other regions are also visiting my clinic.”

He added that, “my strategy of demonstrating that ‘high quality treatments can also be received in Milyang’ has worked,” and that, “although the initial investment required was somewhat burdensome for the clinic, financial aspect of the clinic is gradually improving as the number of patients visiting the clinic is increasing due to the availability of ‘DIOnavi.’ procedure.”
Increase in the sense of achievement by the constituent members of the clinic
He always tells his staffs at his clinic to have pride in ‘working at the most digitalized dental clinic in Korea’.

Dr. Lee stated that, “I selected staffs who are experienced in digitalized system and established necessary system in stepwise manner by undergoing training along with the staffs while preparing for the opening of the clinic,” and that, “our clinic is manufacturing all the prosthesis by digitalization through scanning without having to take impressions. All my staffs are very satisfied as they can learn and acquire hand-on experiences in the latest technologies digital dentistry.”

The dental clinic of Dr. Lee, frequently referred to as the digital dentistry evangelist by his colleagues, is a place that his colleagues planning to open their own clinics are making sure to visit at least once. He disclosed his plans for the future that, “I would like to continue to experience the latest technologies in order to render the highest quality dental treatments to my patients,” and that, “I would also like to make contributions towards creation of cutting-edge digital treatment method if I am given an opportunity.”

[Sourced by Dental Arirang]