DIOnavi. User Interview

Gumi E.Ton Yonhap Dental Clinic Dr. Eok-jun Song

 “‘DIOnavi.’, a shortcut to protecting your teeth” 
  • - Completion of the doctoral program in dentistry at Seoul National University
  • - Completed from Columbia University, Department of Implantology
  • - Completed from Columbia University, Department of Prosthodontics
  • - Graduated from Kyungpook National University College of Dentistry
  • - Member of the Korean Academy of Prosthodontics
  • - Completed the excellent prosthesis course of the Korean Society of Dental Prosthetics
  • - Completion of AAID-Korea MaxiCourse
  • - Member of the Damon Correctional Research Society
  • - Completed the periodontal correction course of the Korean Adult Dental Association
  • - Completion of MTA calibration course
  • - Member of the Society of Plastic Surgery for Facial Facial Cosmetic Surgeons
  • - Clinical advisor to DIO


“‘DIOnavi.’, a shortcut to protecting your teeth”

Satisfying patients’ needs with maximum speed and accuracy and minimum pain
Reduced fear of dental treatment felt by patients

The wave of digital dentistry is strong. In particular, the navigation implant system, as its name suggests, serves as a navigation system that informs the correct direction of future dental implant surgery. The ‘DIOnavi.’, which is synonymous with navigation implants, serves as a compass that shows the correct path for win-win for both the patient and the clincian, such as increasing the accuracy of the procedure and reducing the patient’s discomfort. In Gumi, we met Dr. Eok-jun Song, president of E.Ton Yonhap Dental Clinic, who is taking the lead in restoring the patient's "chewing pleasure" with Full Arch implants.

Convenience of procedure and patient satisfaction
“Patients need to be treated by doctors themselves, so why use a machine?” Dr. Song, who has been using DIO's various products for a long time, had strong negative thoughts about implant navigation at first. Dr. Song emphasized, “There are Megagen’s R2GATE and DIO as representative products, but DIO navigation has little error and fits well. So It worked well and the results were good, so I had no choice but to keep using it.”
He first feared of losing his skills by depending on digital equipment. However, since using "DIOnavi.," the surgery time, which used to take up to an hour and a half, has been reduced to 30 minutes and accurate implantation is possible, which is rewarding. He also saw patients who have dental phobia more responsive to advertisement copies such as 'no incision' and 'we use navigation'.
Along with the trend of digital dentistry, 3D printers can be used to perform oral scans before surgery, take CTs and send them to laboratory the next day, and if STL files are sent from laboratory, they can be printed out in the dental clinic to reduce waiting time. Temporary denture can also be produced on the same day.
Another advantage of DIO is the role of the clinical support team. There is a clinical support team for 'DIOnavi.', so if you ask for help, they visit the hospital and provide live support. Dr. Song said, "In fact, in the past, I decided to implant maxillary and mandible, but I delayed the operation and asked for help from the clinical support team because the maxilla was not right," adding, "The next day, we performed the operation successfully."
‘DIOnavi. Full Arch’, navigation activated
Dr. Eok-Jun Song, director of Gumi E.Ton Yonhap Dental Clinic, uses the most digital equipment in Gyeongbuk. Dr. Song first encountered ‘DIOnavi.’ in 2017, and ‘DIOnavi. Full Arch’ started just last year. “It’s been a long time since we introduced ‘DIOnavi.’ but since we started using ‘DIOnavi. Full Arch’, the use of navigation has increased.” He said, “When I introduced the ‘DIOnavi. Full Arch’, it was better than I expected. However, there was no need to use it in cases where it was not necessary, but recently I have been using it 1-2 times a week.”
He said, "I see 1 failure every six implants, about 1 in 2~3 patients, which may be the result of implanting implants in thin bones." In particular, it can be applied to elderly people with poor bones, which can cause excess stress on the bones
Dr. Song said, “As it is a no-incision implantation, the biggest problem is the water irrigation, but if the water irrigation is not good, problems will occur in the navigation system." and he said "This is the best way to proceed safely in all cases because know-how is accumulated in many experiences."
What is the philosophy that Dr. Song adheres to when performing implant surgery? “Whether you can have a regular meal eat on the day of surgery,” he said. “Therefore, in general, even if one or two implants are placed as it is, it is a principle that full arch placement is connected to the surrounding teeth so you can chew normal foods on the same day after surgery.”
‘DIOnavi.’ reduces pain and increases satisfaction
The advantages of 'DIOnavi.' are that the procedure is convenient, the placement direction and location are accurate, and the number of patient visits can be reduced. Long-distance patients can be taken care of through quick treatment, and pain is reduced without gum incision, reducing the patient's fear of dentistry, providing reassurance.
Dr. Song said, “I feel the greatest reward as a doctor when I see how edentulous patients change in an instant.” And he said “I want to create better results using ‘DIOnavi. Full Arch’ since dental health has long been called one of the five blessings. This is because healthy teeth can bring you all kinds of blessings, such as looking better, feeling more confident, eating right, and staying bright.”
Dr. Song said, "I've been thinking about digital dentistry for a long time, and I've studied while listening to numerous seminars. ‘DIOnavi.’ has become the starting point for digital dentistry, and now I'm constantly communicating with DIO team and Full Arch team to find a better way." He said, “The purpose of ‘DIOnavi. Full Arch’ is to make it easier for people who use dentures with the anatomical structure of the maxilla and mandible, ‘DIOnavi. Full Arch’ are possible even in places that require a lot of bone grafting or where implants cannot be placed, I vowed to walk the right path of digital treatment.”

[Sourced by Dental Arirang]