DIOnavi. User Interview

Jeong Han-il, of GIMHAE JE IL Dental Clinic

“I could promote my clinic as well through the implant”
  • - Graduated from Chosun University Dental College
  • - Member of the Academy of Transparent Bracket
  • - Key Lecturer of DIO Digital Academy
  • - The Hospital with the Highest Record of DIOnavi. Surgery in Gyeongsangnam-do Province from 2017 - 2018
  • - Certificated by B&L Endo Advance Course
  • - Certificated by AGF, CGF Implant Course
  • - Certificated by DIO Digital Academy Basic Course
  • - Certificated by DIO Digital Academy Advance Course


“I could promote my clinic as well through the implant”

“Using ‘DIOnavi.’ enabled what was impossible before, reducing the stress of the surgeon surely and to help in differentiation of the clinic.”
Director Chung Hanil (GIMHAE JE IL DENTAL CLINIC) has placed around 1,200 cases using ‘DIOnavi.’ since 2015. Before, he does not so welcome digital dentistry, but after choosing ‘DIOnavi.’ he has turned into a preacher of the system.
“I didn’t trust the ‘digital’ from the first place. Rather, as like other dentists do, I was repulsed by the ‘digital’. I knew that digital was great, but when it comes to consider introducing it, I came to think ‘well I need to see the implanting site with my own eyes’, and I postponded accepting ‘DIOnavi.’ for a year,” Director Chung said.

From ‘impossible’ to the ‘possible’
Director Chung experienced a whole new world through the ‘DIOnavi.’ which he used with a doubt. Now, he is praising the system with trust.
Director Chung firstly said “I can now place an implant to more of the cases.” “When placing an implant at the lower jaw there were cases considered not implementable due to the possibility of damaging the nervous alveolaris inferior by small error or too low amount of the remaining the alveolar bone — now with ‘DIOnavi.’, those cases are considered implementable,” he explains.
“For the alveolar bones with much bone resorption, it is crucial to place the implant with precision as a subtle difference under 1mm can determine the success of the surgery. ‘DIOnavi.’ easily solves the matters like this.”
Also, he said “I get less stress since I can place an implant precisely with ‘DIOnavi.’ when a bone grafting is necessary after flap surgery.”
“It is possible to secure the stability of an implant by addressing it considering the force axis so that the upper prosthesis may have the resistance against the bite force from the process of planting the fixture. When doing the surgery in the traditional way than the digital it is easy to have some error. Therefore, it is difficult to do perfect surgery.”
“It is so difficult to place the implant at the exact location that the dentists are joking ‘not to take a CT after implant surgery’, and the stress that comes from it is undeniable. As a dentist who seeks for the ‘perfection’, ‘DIOnavi.’ is a satisfactory system.”
“‘DIOnavi.’, from the designing process, determines the position of the prosthesis first, and then sets the position of the fixture considering the force axis that can resist the several forces that can be applied to the prosthesis such as sideway force. Moreover, there is no error in planting an implant at the desired location, which lowered the stress of failing the implantation,” he emphasized.
High acceptance rate of surgery and promotion effect
Director Chung currently suggest the patients the ‘DIOnavi.’ and the normal implantation at the same time explaining the pros and cons of each, but more than 90% of the patients choose ‘DIOnavi.’.
He gave a point to the ‘DIOnavi.’ for not only giving the satisfaction to the surgeon but also for reducing the fear about the surgery of the patients.
“For the patients, the advantages of less errors and failure rate is less persuasive than conveying less pain and discomfort. There may be some difference due to my counseling skill, but there is higher agreement rate for the implant treatments using ‘DIOnavi.’,” he said.
Also he pointed it as an advantage that he could differentiate his clinic through ‘DIOnavi.’.
“By emphasizing that the surgery impossible at other clinics are possible at ours, I can utilize it as a differentiation point, and extend it to the promotion of my clinic,” he said.
“Our patients sometimes bring other patients because they got very satisfied with our surgery. In terms of management, there are countless advantages of using ‘DIOnavi.’.”
“It is up to the director of a dental clinic to decide to implement the digital system and experience the advantages of the digital devices. By utilizing ‘DIOnavi.’, I hope you to lessen your stress on implant surgeries and clinic management through introducing the digital a step ahead,” he said in recommendation of the system.

[Sourced by Dental Arirang]